Seascape No. 3

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Size : 24 X 30 in | 61 X 76.2 cm
Medium : Digital Print on Archival Paper
Style : Digital
Created in : 2020
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA297274
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days
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Trivandrum, India
About Artist

Born into an Army Officer’s family, Shafiq’s outlook upon life was shaped and molded by travelling and rustic living across the length and breadth of India during his early years, imbibing a multi-cultural & linguistic ethos. He practically lived the anecdotal “Kashmir-to-Kanyakumari” life. After finishing MBA from erstwhile Madras he plunged headlong into the fast-paced Corporate world, first working in MNCs in India for several years before shifting base to Dubai, next to Iran, and then to Hong Kong, finally landing up in Guangdong, China. The long hours and perpetual work pressure eventually took its toll leading to burnout and emotional drain. Divine grace brought him back to India after 15 years, where he donned the Lawyer’s robes to start his second innings, after completing LLB from Madras Law College and being called to the Bar. His interest in fine art photography was kindled right from his school days when he became the proud owner of a brand new Pentax 35mm SLR in the year 1985 and began running after butterflies amidst the lush greenery of North-East India. Ever since, he has been self-learning, training and honing his skills by studying the styles and techniques of great masters like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and the Dutch Impressionists. His recent passion for past several years has been abstract art and painting wherein he tries to explore the interpretation of life, nature, and their inter relationships; finding purpose behind the mysteries and enigma through abstract impressionism. Shafiq’s oeuvre is wide-ranging and exemplifies an eternal search to find balance and harmony in today’s chaotic world, to try and reach equilibrium when the only constant is change. He draws inspiration from everyday life, our rich cultural and ethnic heritage, and also nature; probing and seeking out the extraordinary from the humdrum, finding beauty in the prosaic. His other interests include Classical Music, Philosophy, and Calligraphy

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Minimalist Seascape Abstract - Part of the series “Moods of the Ocean”. The vista was captured from the rampart of an 18th century sea-side fort in coastal Cape Comorin region of south India. A part of the fort extends right into the sea and thus commands a picturesque view of not only the vast ocean, but also the horizon and the sky. A perfect vantage point to record the panorama and to encapsulate the sheer scale and power of the ocean. The artist has put together a set of 12 seascapes showing the different “moods” of the ocean with an abstract painterly effect. Different weather conditions and times of day from dawn to dusk cause the photos to have drastically different appearances.