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'The purpose of art is washing the dust off our daily lives' – Pablo Picasso

In today’s world of frenetic change and technology, art represents what is most important in life. It represents passion, emotion, relationships, memories… and so much more. Art is inspiration and madness. Art is genius. But most of all, art is about you. It is about representing a part of you and your worldview in your home.

At Mojarto, we know that art has the power to transform a space. A beautiful piece of art in your home can work in so many ways – a daily reminder of something it represents, a conversation starter, a mood changer. Nothing will make a statement about your taste and discernment better than a beautiful piece of art in your home.

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Mojarto has long been the pioneering art entity in the country; bringing together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. With a state of the art user experience, and leading edge art portal backed by some amazing analytics and data, we have redefined the art shopping experience.


Collective Expertise: At Mojarto, you will benefit from having India’s largest art platform bring to you a one-of-a-kind, hand-picked collection to choose from. Our collection is the only one in the country that is the direct result of artists, curators, galleries, dealers, writers and critics working together. Our 5000 works form a carefully curated collection, and has inputs from almost everyone in the art industry. There is no other platform quite like it. So when you buy art through Mojarto, you know that you are buying a well curated piece of art.


Leading edge portal: Your experience at Mojarto is enhanced by the technology and data that is harnessed to bring you beautiful pieces of art. Not only do we have some truly innovative experiences on the platform - like ArtonWall and powerful filters - we also use data to suggest to you, specific pieces of art that you are likely to love. Look out for the data driven suggestions at the bottom of each Painting page.


Art for every Wall: Our carefully curated collection spans a huge variety of works of over <500> artists, in a wide range of styles, sizes, budgets and mediums to suit every Indian home. Our artworks represent a truly unique collection, because they represent the styles and tastes of all the curators, galleries and dealers whom we work with.


Art Advisory:Mojarto caters to all your art needs. Our art advisory team is always available to help you with specific requirements – such as doing up a new home or an office space, wanting a specific set of pieces etc. We will help you identify, shortlist and acquire the art of your dreams.


Buy, Sell, Resell: At Mojarto we understand that as a collector, you may need to resell your works at some point. We’ve built our collectors platform in such a way that reselling your art becomes a breeze. You can take advantage of our platform, as well the efficient process of selling and couriering logistics to sell your art anytime. Our monthly viewership of over 20,000 collectors makes Mojarto the best audience for you to re-sell your work.

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Whether you have many pieces of art in your home already, or whether this is your first purchase, we understand the difficulty of choosing just a few pieces of art from thousands of beautiful works. Sometimes the sheer number of choices you have to make can bewilder you. Different mediums, sizes, placements, artists, styles, budgets and colours all contribute to making each piece of art - and therefore your choice - unique. At Mojarto, we help you choose by providing you with features that can help you narrow down your choices to just a relevant few.


Use the powerful filters in the

We’ve built filters that allow you to shortlist works based on what’s important to you - like your budget, colours you like, and even options suitable for different types of placements in your home. So if you need a bright work of art for your living room, to be hung above your sofa, you can pull up a suitable list of beautiful works within minutes!


Use the favourite button freely

Click the button to ‘Favourite’ artworks works as you browse, and view the list of your personal favourites together before making a final choice. It will help you compare works and eliminate options quicker than any other way. You can also share your list of favourites with someone else if you need a second opinion. Adding a work to your Favorites saves you the agony of looking for the work you liked all over again!


Look for the Staff Favourite logo or browse through the Staff Favourites section. At Mojarto we see hundreds of beautiful artworks every day, but staff favourites are the ones we really love. If an artwork is a staff favourite, you can be sure that you are buying a really beautiful piece of art.


Try using ArtonWall TM.

ArtonWallTMis a feature designed specifically for you to visualize what a painting will look like in your home or office. You can view a specific painting on a wall, against furniture, to understand the placement , perspective and size better.


Contact our team if you still need advice

If you need professional help to do up your entire home or office space, or are looking for matched pieces or specific artists, or you just can’t find what you are looking for, try our art advisory section. Our Art Advisory team will get back to you with a shortlist and a look book which will help you make a purchase.

In the end, our advice is to always choose a piece of art that speaks to you; go ahead and pick something that represents your personal style and flair!

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At Mojarto, we believe that there’s only one rule to installing art – make it shine.


Choose settings, frames, mounts and walls to make sure that the artwork gets the attention it deserves. Your beautiful artwork shouldn’t be overpowered by anything. Simple, clean backgrounds and surroundings work the best to make your artwork the focal point of an area.


Try to hang paintings so that the focal point of the painting is at eye level. This means that if your painting has one big element – that needs to be at eye level. Ensure that you have some ‘viewing distance’ for a painting. You need to be able to stand a few feet away (2-5 feet) and appreciate the painting in its entirety.


If you’ve got glass on a painting, make sure no light reflects off it, obscuring the view. You can even consider having it frames with non reflective glass.


For canvas paintings, a great way to illuminate the depth and beauty of the painting is to install some spot lighting on it.


Ensure that canvas works are stretched and framed without glass, and paper artworks are framed with mount and glass.

Remember, however you install art, make sure that it’s protected from direct sunlight and moisture, both of which can really damage a beautiful piece of art.

Here are some wonderful examples of how to frame, mount and install art to make it shine.

Re-Sell Your Art

Re-Sell Your Artwork expand_more expand_less

There may be many reasons why you may wish to sell an artwork from your collection. You may have recently shifted to a new home or outgrown a piece of art. Maybe you simply don’t relate to it any more. You may even have a work of art that’s appreciated considerably over time, and you’d like to sell it now. Well, you’re in the right place. Mojarto is the destination for you to resell your art.

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Mojarto is the biggest online marketplaces for art, bringing together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries and resellers onto a single powerful platform. Here, you’ll find a great way to benchmark the prices of your art, and you can take advantage of a reliable process of selling and shipping. We have one of the largest databases of registered collectors in the country and we promote Mojarto very effectively, to benefit all our partner artists, galleries and re-sellers.