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Imaginative Blooms

By Baljit Singh Chadha , New delhi

Original Artwork

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  • 14 X 22 In | 36 X 56 Cm
  • Mixed Media on Paper
  • Impressionism
  • Created in 2016
  • Sold by Artist, Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
  • Lot No 174881
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Baljit Singh Chadha I grew up as a curious, investigative child helped by my parents’ encouragement to explore and to learn without fear and hesitation. The wonder and awe in G...
Baljit Singh Chadha I grew up as a curious, investigative child helped by my parents’ encouragement to explore and to learn without fear and hesitation. The wonder and awe in God’s creation always held me spell bound. I ploughed my curiosity through love of creation and creativity. At a young age of nineteen years I sailed to a land called Japan that has for long centuries been spiritually bound with India. Like a sleepy rose the petals of my creativity opened as I drank like a honey-bee the nectar of ancient and highly evolved culture of Japan. Japanese art of painting is high meditation in feel and in expression. My Japanese godmother Ms Otha Miyoko a great Japanese artist was my first teacher. She affected my style and expression early on. My journey in art continued and I evolved a style of art that has minimal gap in feeling and expression. Rapidity and quickness of expression in my art comes from the well of inner spirituality. My art is not planned, thought-out and cerebral it is based on spontaneity. Abstract Expressionism is a wider term and my art follows it in variegated dimensions. In my art I experiment with different painting instruments and techniques. My dependence on brushwork is rather limited. I frequently and freely use spatulas, wooden sticks, masking, and sand-mix, push bottles and what comes handy in the moment. I use acrylic with mix media. I have developed acrylic based glazes that were possible earlier only with oil paints. The glazes impart a charm similar to enamel glazes. My art journey finds depth and width in continuous experimentation, forays into the unknown and choosing challenging metaphors of expression. I did an installation (Wall of Divine flowers) with 12000 painting on 12-12-12-12hrs-12mnts-12sec at Zorba in New Delhi and CREATED A WORLD RECORD The exhibition with the most paintings of flowers in the world This certificate is given by WORLD RECORD ASSOCIATION on 12-12-12-12hrs-12mnts-12sec at Zorba in New Delhi and donated entire collection to Smile Foundation New Delhi, for a girl child education. Where my art journey will take me next I leave to higher forces. Presently I offer you ZEN MOKSHA FLOWERS /MANN FLOWERS/MIYOKO FLOWERS AND WALL OF HEAVENLY FLOWERS as my next creations. CRITICS;- Keshav Malik Art Critic New Delhi As a craftsman of the finger- tips, Chadha appears to be in constant search among the myriad forms, structures, and variations of color in nature that reveal to us the particular aspects and degrees of rhythms and structures to which human sensibility responds. Each artist is a specialist in looking one way or another, and B.S. Chadha has his temperament gifted with special aims, ideals, visions and methods of works, and which must be understood if they are to be respected. It matters not if Chadha is “well known” or not as an ace art marksman. First things first, for his heart, in matters of art, is in the right place. His offering quickens the pace of our blood stream from to time, and which also means the interplay of muscular tensions and relaxations in our body and its sensors. When this happens to happen to our physiology our spirit also comes alive. The choice works of Chadha, do precisely that at a good many moments. So draw your own conclusions! Elizabeth Rogers February 2011 In consideration of the palette and use of materials, Chadha’s works bear a shimmering sensibility akin to that of stained glass, a sort of translucence reflecting his rhythm of life. One which he shares with the facets of nature he so consecrates on a daily basis, a true immersion in this realm of his natural imagination. For Chadha, this lexicon of intimate and universal beauty celebrates the diversity and complex, ever startling web of interconnectivity of life. At its core, a true marvelling of the adavaita, non-duality of humanity and the natural world which surrounds us, one which we must heed to protect and admire. In quest of beauty Dr AlkaRaghuvanshi It is said that butterflies come where there is purity. And the favourite perch of the pure butterfly is the flower. Creativity is like that: The perch of innocence. And artist Baljit Chadha gazes from his perch of purity and innocence to create flowers that bloom in the garden of his mind’s canvas. The kaleidoscope of a million hues, the plethora of myriad flowers reflects the sensitive artist’s preoccupation with beauty and aesthetics. Viktor Vijay Kumar Director Curator European Artists’ Association Germany Artist friend Baljit S. Chadha has a lasting honeymoon with flowers in his artistic expression. He paints some times with frugality of a Zen master. I can understand that as he had his early training in painting in Japan where he lived and studied as a teenager and had the benefit of the tutelage of great Japanese masters. But his present series on flowers nonplussed me with wonder and joy. He has in the present works a new dimension and a new personality of flowers that I have not seen before. This is because he has distilled the expression from his inner joy and happiness that is the essence of flowers per se and not from their forms. His flowers have a nearly expressionistic, abstract persona. He uses a watercolour like free flow of colour and tonalities to invest his work with a sensual poetry. His works are acrylic on paper and therefore amenable to idiosyncratic overflows that lends a fresh charm to his oeuvre. Another landmark quality of Baljit’s new works is that they are rendered in fiery shiny glazes. As we know glazes are traditionally done in oil paint medium. But Baljit has worked them with acrylic colour and without the use of pure impasto. The colours diluted with water float and embrace each other and still have lustrous intensity. Baljit Chadha has created a fresh stylistic edifice and his creative expression jumps from the visible-familiar to spiritually felt flowers in a divine Eden.

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