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Size : 20 X 14 in | 50.8 X 35.6 cm
Medium : Mixed Media on Paper
Style : Surrealism
Created in : 2015
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA133344
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days
About Artist

I am professionally an artist : painter-cum-printmaker . As an artist , being a member of the human society , it appears to me that I have some sacred and bounden duty to do something for the betterment of the human society ,as well as of the diversified aspects of the living world . I feel that I shall make the people conscious regarding various evils of the living world , which are growing rapidly, threatening the existence of the living beings . I shall try to highlight the problems of the society through my medium of Arts Culture, i.E., etching of print making ,other techniques of print making and some other new mediums. I shall collect data regarding the lost insects , birds , beasts , etc. , and their dead bodies from the environment of the nature and the causes behind their disappearance. I intend to collaborate with a Botanist to render my work a Scientific Approach , as authenticity adds a dimension to any project of study . Just as the Harborium Drawings are simultaneously scientific and aesthetic , I too derive to bring in a similar kind of feeling in my works, as an Artist Botanist, during my scholarship period of one year . I shall sketch out those data . I shall verify the historical and social values of those .On the basis of those objects , I shall try to create my compositions . In that case, I shall use etching of printmaking in museum display .In some cases, I shall adjust painting .In some other cases ,I shall display those preserved dead bodies through installation with my works , in such a way as those are preserved in the Science Laboratories or Museums .The main objective of this is that this Museum of those dead bodies as well as my arts works will jointly be able to express a deep and firm message to the visitors, which will encourage them to step forward to solve this serious problems of such dangerous pollution . Accordingly , we may be able to create a non-polluted and healthy environment which may protect the existence of living beings from such dangerous and fatal evils of the natural environment . The subject matters of my printing & painting compositions are mainly based on dreamland , which arises out of conscious and sub-conscious mind and thoughts and which has been designed as substantial to supply materials for human lively-hood by effecting and flashing human mind and thoughts. Through above mentioned compositions of dreams of aquarium, fish, stork , coral , moss, bird, watch, animals, bubble, machine-parts , flower, map, canvas, diagram etc. Unfolds realistic world; such as -development of civilization swallows natural world, man becomes cannibal, etc. My first focus mainly consists of living beings like insects , birds, beasts, fishes, etc., which effect highly the Echo –System of our environment . My home is situated at a remote village named Kanjiakhali . My family was shifted from that village to a semi-town , Uluberia in 1999 . It is studied here that the Echo- System existing in that remote village is not available here . It is some how deteriorated in number , degree, attraction , appeal , etc. The normal natural environment has lagged behind and artificial world is covering the area with its own status , which is full of pollutions , as urbanization is developing day after day . Accordingly , trees ,plants , herbs are vanishing , the degree of pollution is growing on . Electronic waves run . These affect the living beings greatly . We have Bee - Apiary where bees are dying countlessly pre-mature death . Existence of living beings is at stake . Simultaneously trees ,plants , herbs are gradually vanishing . On account of my arts works , I have to ply Uluberia to Kolkata and I experience various sights of the nature being swallowed by pollution gradually . As I proceed on from the remote village to the town or city , it is noticed that the blue sky is gradually turning to gray , grayer and dark gray ; and also the pollution of the natural environment adjacent to the earth is also developing gradually higher towards town /city .This invites the destruction to the civilization which moves me greatly , being a social human being .

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