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Size : 15 X 18 X 1 in | 38.1 X 45.7 X 2.5 cm
Medium : Ceramic
Style : Art Deco
Created in : 2019
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Plyboard Box
Lot No : MA270099
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Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
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New Delhi, India

About Artist

I am a Masters in Sculpture. I am practicing professionally since 2012. Ceramics is not just any medium it is a unique medium where I change the intangible and always changing clay into a permanent and solid structure. The making and its transformation post firing it in itself a magically organic process. Ceramics is a medium with great possibilities where sky is the limit. I am a storyteller. My works are a combination of form and narration. I love using ceramic as a medium because it allows me to sculpt, draw and paint all in one medium. Inspiration for my sculptures/Installation stems from my longstanding curiosity of human behavior, my observation of daily life and funny ways of society. Mystical past of our ancestors intrigues me hence some influences are inevitable. Pop art and Picasso are two of my major inspirations in my art practice thus, I love using bright colors and love playing with various surface decoration techniques along with illustrations in mostly all my works. Over a period of time I have chosen to use forms inspired from the past and combine it conceptually with current world issues. I wish my works to go beyond being just a beautiful show piece by adding more meaning to a space. Technically I like using hand-building techniques for my sculptures and a mix of wheel throwing and slab building for my functional pieces.

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The work symbolize woman breaking away from stereotypes and surviving amidst the constant glare of the judgmental society..The hanging eye depicts the third eye/ eye of wisdom and awareness. The work is made in stoneware clay and fired at 1280c. the work has hand-carved illustration called sgrafitto in ceramic language