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Original Artwork
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Size : 40 X 18 X 6 in | 101.6 X 45.7 X 15.2 cm
Medium : Wood & Brass
Style : Art Deco
Created in : 2016
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Plyboard Box
Lot No : MA245217
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Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days


Cerebral creativity merged with visual sensationalism,rustic arrogance fused with poignant ambiguity and above all the continuity to scale higher from the drab,dingy and mundane reality marks the poems of Biplab on metal.His works always has the capacity of breaking the barriers of reality full of the weariness , the fever, and the fret and the fades far away, dissolves and the transcends into a land of dreams.In this work-a-day world we remain absorbed in the dreary, claustrophobic life in pursuit of nothingness ensuing pang,despair and despondency.Biplab carves a niche in our heart to break free from the shackles and fetters of gloom and dejection towards the path of light,the path of unrestraint.His use of colours is a pictogram of effervescence,vitality and gusto in harmony with serenity,solace and peace.It's a journey from ther obscurity to radiance--- a true emancipation.