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Size : 10 X 12 X 8 in | 25.4 X 30.5 X 20.3 cm
Medium : Terracotta
Style : Art Deco
Created in : 2019
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Plyboard Box
Lot No : MA275959
International shipping : No
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
About Artist

I had born and brought up in a small Village Pagodu Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh 1985, I had discontinued my Science Bachelor degree and took Fine Arts in Andhra University, here I did my B.F.A in Sculpture Gold medal )2009, and I did M.F.A from Calcutta University 2011 from Kolkata Govt college of Art & Craft. After the study I took job for financial security at Katuri shilpa sala Tenali Andhra Pradesh, after six months I left the job and went to New Delhi for the Art Residency Program at NIV Art centre in march 2012, there I met few Indian contemporary Artists like K.S.Radhakrishnaan, Mitusen, George Martin, Bose Krishnamachari, etc,,,, and I had visited all Galleries and Museums in delhi, few months later I had got call from Space Art Studio from Baroda, it is surprise to me then I reach baroda in may 2012, here I workedtill jan 2014 and I learnt a lot about Art and Art world. After Space studio I got Call from college of fine Arts V.N.S.G.University Surat as an visiting Faculty, after one year I took charges as an Ad-hoc Faculty in this college only, when I entered this college I am the only one faculty In Sculpture Dept and students also six members there is no space to take classes,no infrastructure it was too difficult to handle but I never give up my challenges, so that is the result today we have proper studio places enough infrastructure and we have four faculties in Sculpture Dept , we startd ceramic dept also. Since 2014 – 2019 I was fully dedicated to my college now I am focusing my Art practice that is why I am finding ways to reach my Sculpture at proper place, during this period I did Art Exhibitions, I got Scholorships, attended many Symposiums and camps also.

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Woven against the backdrop of the tormented tales of the proletariats, natural degradation and existential questions has always been the undercurrent of my works. The concretization series of my work is about the existential pressures one goes through in the struggle to sustain in this world. The overpowering scaffolding and the human figure attempting to free from this binding is what I have been attempting to tell about the present model of developmental politics. Stored in both individual and social memories my works tend to covey the deep dark sides of urban migration coincided with the architectural structures. The artworks intend to display a general sense of distress and trauma in a symbolic and metaphoric way. Expressed both in figurative and non-figurative way, the sculptures croon the tunes of catastrophe and melancholy of the oppressed class of the society. As architectural boom is an integral part of urbanization, my recent works also tend to portray the same expressing the grey areas behind its occurrence and results. A sense of self-awareness playing between the lines is the key content of my works which reflects my journey as an artist from a small village to the metropolis.