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Original Artwork
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Size : 51 X 41 in | 129.5 X 104.1 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Conceptual
Created in : 2014
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA255211
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days
vennimalai Profile
chennai, india

About Artist

Most of my paintings are done with dry pastel on paste on board. The elements are derived at from objects in nature and I always try to show a crisp bright light shining on glossy or wet objects. Though my paintings are the direct result of my observation of nature, I try to create a surrealistic image on fantasy oriented space in which colorful elements float and glow. Elements like spiders and spider webs hold a great importance to me in my paintings. Spirituality, meditation and ashrams have given me a lot of insight into life and hence into myself. These are one of the important reasons for the way the paintings look and the direction of the themes. GYST OF MY PREVIOUS WORK The state of pleasure and the bliss, I experience when I am, painting cannot be expressed in earthy words of exclamations. I desire intensely to have their state of mind to be eternal, ever. And I consider painting to be the medium of searching myself in me. The way I mix the paints and the way I paint them is just an attempt to see myself in me. I do things which I like them at that moment. Let that be even the way I clean my room. There has really been a difference in the states of mind when I am painting and when I finish the art (When I feel satisfied). Indeed there is a difference. And I confess, my paintings is not mine, It’s just a communion between me and the paper at the instant. When I am admiring nature, I simply consider that, as my work. But nature is common to all. I too, travel myself in that common thing. I don’t claim the work. Overwhelming in a though, is just painting, so why should I paint? I want to trace the path I traveled in this journey. I want to record these traces. I used to paint whenever I am confident. Let that be a combination of happiness and joy or a feeling of anger and contempt. I have painted drawings in all my moods. When I paint something really, with determination and vigor, I can feel an immense satisfaction in me. When I am in distress and paint something the mystical journey I take, best over me with peace of mind and a new determination in me. But sometimes it trembler me a lot. Being in the journey with reality, I believe. Memories have sedimented as layer in my mind. When time favours the remembrances gets released from those sedimented layers. I see these remembrances along with the thought as the colours I mix. Yes, I see myself in union with those remembrances. These remembrances, mystical in nature, are just the images of dreams which get colours in my work. And the pleasure I attain makes me feel a motherly satisfaction. By comparing ‘Life’ with water(water is not colour that is transparency it is reflecting in and in depth, outside anything, that mean anything involved, that is explaining this is one of the philosophical point of view (philosophy is born in life traveling),life traveling also like a water traveling)and water bubble and nature, I have captured life in my colours. Everything here here has been taken up from nature. We have not done a thing. I want to say that, whatever be the case, if we attain the stage pf forgiving that is the ultimatum. With a deep insight into my thoughts, I’m travelling into them still deep and even deeper. This drawing of mine is focusing spider. Their persistence, “The perseverance with which they build their web, bringing out their own body fluid” have always attracted me. Everything here is blended with nature. Not only water, land, air, sky, fire, but … even ‘Circumstances’ are nature. Things that are sharper, the penetrating ray of light, watching everything from its brim have always attracted me. I search my past memories through my paintings. My paintings remain as a symbol making are remember the things I enjoyed while painting. I am fond of short and crisp words. Reading big and lengthy novels doesn’t please me. I compare the state of non-permanence with water bubbles. Having a deep insight into that painting brings back the pleasant memory, when the spilled oil on a tar road mixed with rain water and the scattered sunlight changed as a garland of colours. The happiness at all stages has a selfish happiness. The love my mother shows me gives her happiness. There is no happiness without any objective. Self happiness… …m.Vennimalai

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