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Size : 30 X 36 in | 76.2 X 91.4 cm
Medium : Oil and acrylic on Canvas
Style : Expressionism
Created in : 2019
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA290320
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days


Equanimity is a depiction of Buddha in a state of complete composure and poise irrespective of the circumstances surrounding him. The sense of deep inner peace and calm is further accentuated through this depiction of him in eternal oneness with nature symbolized through leaf motifs. These motifs, the water droplets and the calming colour pallet also aspire to evoke the sense of nature’s beauty in all its soothing vividness. The rays emerging from the Buddha’s face are symbolization of his complete awakening, a deep understanding of universal truths; radiating outwards as light and knowledge for all who seek to achieve the same. This work of art endeavors to initiate in the viewer a desire to achieve composure and equanimity in all situations of their lives.