Heaven-A soul in peace

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Size : 72 X 48 in | 182.9 X 121.9 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Abstract
Created in : 2017
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA250480
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About Artist

Education: B.A.,ST. XAVIER'S COLLEGE, 2011, MUMBAI M.A. ARTS AND AESTHETICS ,2014, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY,NEW DELHI I love the essence of the silence that perhaps we all have in our subconsciousness but in the presence of the sound of our day to day life we could not hear it properly and in my art I persist to convey that silence through my inner consciousness. Nature (THE BEAUTY OF THE OUTER WORLD) and interpersonal relationship (THE JOY OF THE INNER WORLD) are the eternal part of my creativity. And sometimes they both contradict each other to find a new meaning in my art and life,because the outer world is merely an impression of the inner world and the inner world is also an expression of the outer world. And as being a painter I persist to convey my inner feelings through the outer landscapes.

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This painting is an attempt to understand oneself within oneself or perhaps to find the stillness and succour lying deep and quiet within oneself. My eyes take a myriad images through the day. In my mind I feel the stifling shoving and pushing of the city and wonder if I would be able to find myself in this rush. This is the search for my own inner-self spirituality which lies buried within me for years. Oftentimes sitting by myself in the fading twilight, I asked, who am I? The fading twilight responded by saying, you are a broken moment which is stringing itself together bit by bit. This painting is an attempt to render the spirituality of the inner space through the medium of colours onto the canvas. And in this painting heaven has been used as a metaphoric form, which tends to rebuff the theories of heaven and hell, and tries to establish that everything lies within us, only the will to sense it remains. It is nothing more than the state of our mind that predicts the notion of our emotions and feelings .It is purely a sensory and optical thing that works on the ethics of our inner and outer aesthetics ,it is more about reflection of our senses which are guided by our nature(cosmos ). Which is the ultimate source of human inspiration and creativity. However, sometimes an entire lifetime goes in trying to cover this distance. In this painting one has used the green and blue colours. Blue colour symbolises tolerance and green colour symbolises peace and calmness. These two colours intersect with each other to give rise to spirituality and contemplation. And here perhaps one is able to witness the soul as peace, which perhaps connects man to his essence. Keywords – Theosophy, Buddhism, essentialism, peace, spirituality, non - objective – Substance, abstract art, nature, love, kindness, humanity, meditative, contemplative, blue and green colour composition, soul searching calmness, pacifism, silence