Moon Light

Original Artwork
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Size : 78 X 52 in | 198.1 X 132.1 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Expressionism
Created in : 2020
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA280414
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days


Moonlight Known as ‘Chandamama’ since childhood, the moon has always been a subject of great attraction and interest for human beings. Somewhere down the line, we are all somehow connected and drawn to it in terms of mental, spiritual and scientific significance. Most of our religious beliefs and rituals revolve around the lunar orbit. Every faith in the world, in fact, has its own belief-system structured around the moon, its very concept and representation. Just like the moon’s phases, a woman’s menstrual cycle is also associated with several auspicious or inauspicious beliefs in different cultures. Menstruation itself has been a raging topic of debate over centuries of human civilization on earth, often linked with social stigma and regressive mentality. This painting is an attempt to provide a thoughtful, sensitive approach to our beliefs. The words written on the body indicate her cultural values and progressive way of life while the decorative flower pattern represents her kind, loving state of mind. I have tried to create the impression of moonlight in the painting to depict the moon’s effect on human being.