Higher self

Original Artwork
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Size : 11.8 X 8.3 in | 30 X 21.1 cm
Medium : acrylic on paper
Style : Abstract
Created in : 2017
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA271144
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days


Higher Self: On an honest review of life and realising things that worked before, no longer work and we can’t move ahead with the same thoughts, values, plan, or approach, we are forced to turn inward and actually tune in to faith. We have come so far on our own, at the cost of much health and happiness and purely on basis of unhealthy ego, comparison and competition. We can’t go any further. Neither do we have the energy, nor are we feeling rewarded. We begin to learn to let go and loosen up to something higher, the inner voice, the bigger purpose, anything that connects us to an intelligence that knows our highest and best interest in a way it’s in the best interest of everyone involved. We begin to connect with our higher self.