Ram Setu

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Size : 24 X 24 in | 61 X 61 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Abstract
Created in : 2020
Sold by : Artist
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Lot No : MA279744
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The word ‘Ram’ (In Hindi language without Shiro rekha or upper line) is repeatedly used (zoom the picture to see it) to form a pattern which forms rhythm in this painting. The word refers to Hindu deity Shri Rama. This is one of the most sacred words in Hinduism. Since old times, it is widely believed that regular chanting of this word prevents grief and adversities. ‘Ram’ is believed to be the voice of the soul. Ram is the symbol of virtue, justice, obedience, bravery, valiance, modesty & helpfulness. He shows the victory of good over evil. ‘Ram’ is not just a word, it is a personality through which god took a form of human. The word ‘Ram’ is so sacred & dear that Hindus use this word as a suffix in their names, like ‘Krishnaram’, ‘Gangaram’, ‘Rajaram’, ‘Haldiram’, ‘Atmaram’ etc. The vibrations generated by this word are very positive & welcoming and that is the reason why Hindus greet each other by saying ‘Ram Ram’ in place of ‘hi’ & ‘hello’. This sacred word fills the painting with positive vibrations & makes the mind of the viewer pleasant. (Katha/story) Ram setu is one of the most significant events in Lord Shri Rama’s life. During the time when Shri Ram, his wife Sita & brother Laxman were in forest due to exile of 14 years, at that time Ravana (Lankapati) the king of Lanka (currently Sri Lanka), kidnaps Sita from forest & takes her to his kingdom Lanka, also known as Golden Lanka. To find Sita, Ram & Laxman along with Sugriva, Hanuman (monkey god) & a huge monkey army starts travelling. On their way, they get to know from Jatayu (a divine bird) that Ravana has taken Sita to Lanka, which is an island located near South India. To reach that island, Lord Shri Rama with the help of divine monkey army constructs a floating bridge made of rocks (the bridge floats on water) from Rameshwaram (a place in South India) to Lanka. A portrayal of this bridge & victory of good over evil is shown in this painting. (painting description) In this painting, top view of the sea is painted by turquoise / sea green shades. And in between of that, a grey coloured bridge connecting the top & the bottom part is created. On that bridge, the word ‘Ram’(in Hindi language without Shiro Rekha or upper line) is written repeatedly by using soft white color. On the upper part of the painting, Golden yellow shade shows prosperity of ‘The Golden Lanka’. And on the bottom part, ‘Vanar sena or Divine monkey army’ is painted by making orange dotted figures on Prussian blue background. The pattern / texture formed with the orange dots shows motion & activeness. Figure of a bow (The bow portrays the power of Shri Rama) & arrows pointing towards ‘Lanka’ is drawn by using ‘Ram’ word multiple times. In the upper right corner of the artwork, ‘Sita’ is depicted with white coloured half moon shape and a bright red dot. This combination of shape & colors shows holiness and qualities of a virtuous wife. Beside it, ten black coloured dots are painted to portray the ten heads of ‘Ravana’. The muddy black colour shows iniquity & evilness. The importance of ‘Ram setu’ (bridge) in victory of good over evil can’t be explained in words. Medium : Acrylic colours & black marker pen on stretched canvas Size : 24 x 24 inches (unframed)