Ram (i)

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Original Artwork
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Size : 24 X 24 in | 61 X 61 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Geometrical
Created in : 2020
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA277610
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days


This is a very unique & creative painting style in which the artwork is made beautiful by the use of words. A big, beautifully composed ‘Ram’ word covers the whole canvas which gives a modern artistic look. Multiple ‘Ram’(in Hindi language without Shiro Rekha or upper line) words in small size inside the big ‘Ram’ creates lovely pattern. Bright colors makes this painting more attractive. Less black colour is used but it makes the painting lively, this artwork has no importance without black color. This piece of art seems pleasing even though vivid colours are used. The 3 plain flat color shades on 3 sides of canvas makes the subject more justified & ‘Ram’ attracts attention. The purity is maintained by preventing the use of dusty colors. The shades/colours used in this painting shows different values Purple : Royal quality / royalty Golden yellow : Brightness / brilliance Saffron : Sacrifice Green : Evolution & prosperity Blue : Coolness & serious These qualities were present in the personality of Lord Shri Rama. 'Ram' The word ‘Ram’ (In Hindi language without Shiro rekha or upper line) is repeatedly used (zoom the picture to see it) to form a pattern which forms rhythm in this painting. The word refers to Hindu deity Shri Rama. This is one of the most sacred words in Hinduism. Since old times, it is widely believed that regular chanting of this word prevents grief and adversities. ‘Ram’ is believed to be the voice of the soul. Ram is the symbol of virtue, justice, obedience, bravery, valiance, modesty & helpfulness. He shows the victory of good over evil. ‘Ram’ is not just a word, it is a personality through which god took a form of human. The word ‘Ram’ is so sacred & dear that Hindus use this word as a suffix in their names, like ‘Krishnaram’, ‘Gangaram’, ‘Rajaram’, ‘Haldiram’, ‘Atmaram’ etc. The vibrations generated by this word are very positive & welcoming and that is the reason why Hindus greet each other by saying ‘Ram Ram’ in place of ‘hi’ & ‘hello’. This sacred word fills the painting with positive vibrations & makes the mind of the viewer pleasant. Medium : Acrylic colors & Black marker pen on stretched canvas. Size : 24 x 24 inches (unframed) (1 inch depth) Any type of copying or remaking of this work is strictly prohibited.