Water Lily

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Size : 18 X 18 in | 45.7 X 45.7 cm
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Style : Realism
Created in : 2018
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA293561
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Deepali S Profile
Thane , India

About Artist

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS 2014- Art Teacher Diploma,Maharastra. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019- ‘Vision of Infinity’ at Pradarshak Art Gallery. 2019- Trident Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2018- ‘From chrysalis to Childhood’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2018- India Art Festival, Mumbai. GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019- Lalit Kala Akademi – Kala Mela, Mumbai. 2019- Artival Art Festival, Mumbai. 2019- India Art Festival, Mumbai. 2019- Kala Mela Art Festival, Mumbai. 2018- Dolna Art Gallery Presents, “Women of Art”, Kanakia Paris, Mumbai. 2018- ‘Amalgamation-4’ at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2016- Airawat Art Gallery Presents 18 X 18: 18, Mumbai. 2016- Grune Elefant Art Gallery Presents Indian Art Festival, New Delhi, India. 2015- ‘Lokmangal’ Annapurna Yojana for Helpless Senior Citizens at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. Participation (India) 2020- 61st National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. 2019- 60th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition by the Government of Maharashtra, India. 2016- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, India. 2016- The Art society of India, Mumbai, India From Chrysalis to Womanhood Artists from all faculties have always celebrated the diverse aspects of women. The fascination for progeny and the phases of a girl child’s transformation from a baby to a full grown woman have been a major element in most creative venues of human activity. Throughout the history of mankind, women are subject-ed to numerous emotions, socio-cultural perceptions, and religious positions. Deepali Sarde is one such artist who is a woman herself exploring the idea of womanhood through her painted canvases. A curious female, an anxious lady and an able householder Deepali focus on the innocence of a little girl, the elegance of a sensuous damsel, the poise of a thoughtful mistress, and a sentimental bride. The array of present works in this exhibition is an attempt to encapsulate the diversity of the Femina. The canvases are meticulous portraits made with the base of academic style coupled with the technique of cross-hatching by scratching the surface with a pointed tool as a stylus. The bright colour range is vivid with bold, partially minimal compositions that focus directly on the subject matter than decorating the surface. The facial gestures are gracious with a potent positive vibe to each character designed expressing diverse flairs of the Femina. Her characters aspire to find joy, happiness, liberty and to endeavour progress. The butterfly in her works has a special place in the paintings ushering a symbolic meaning of transformation from the cocoon to the polychrome winged magic. The circular compositions highlight the butterfly feeding on the flowers pollinating them. Noteworthy are the two paintings where she represents a dark-skinned woman against the romancing Radha-Krishna image sourced from the Indian miniatures. The juxtaposition induces a sense of devout longing for affection. The second painting to be noted is the one where a girl’s frontal face is juxtaposed with an iconic image of goddess Lakshmi. The girl child though considered and revered as an incarnation of the goddess is however treated less with humility in several pockets of our society. This painting comes as a welcoming unusual critique, though cliché in the range of works presented. Conclusively the whole set of paintings by Deepali are worth a watch enticing a sense of promontory pride. -FAANDEE

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Water Lily