Music of the Heart

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Size : 20 X 22 in | 50.8 X 55.9 cm
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Style : Decorative
Created in : 2015
Sold by : Artist
Surface : Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible
Lot No : MA144629
International shipping : Yes
Domestic Ships Within : 7 - 10 business days
International Ships Within : 15 - 18 business days
Aditya Dev Profile
New Delhi, India
About Artist

I was born in 1967 in Delhi. As a painter I am interested in making the work of the soul more visible and real, enriching our everyday lives. It is in these moments when our soul speaks to us in a quiet, perhaps even a silent voice - wielding great power and influence at both a conscious and unconscious level. A primary role of my art is to provide clarity and insight into issues of soul as inherent elements of man's role in creation. As awareness and consciousness increases, so does the clarity with which we are able to perceive the exquisite beauty and wholeness of creation. Ultimately, art acts as both a mirror and a lens that gives presence and visibility to that which previously was unseen, unknown and not understood, often residing in the underground of the conscious. It is worthy to note that in this endeavour one learns that - the perception of all great beauty always has an element of "strangeness" and in its expression is an opportunity to truly know the perfection of all creation. Painting is a universal language and its truths are accessible to all who view an image regardless of culture, nationality, age, language or status in life. The paintbrush is a tool that crosses cultures, breaks boundaries and grants access and connections that are not available through any other means. In my work as a painter I seek expression and a deeper knowledge of these issues and in that pursuit a profound experience of being intensely alive. It is here that one’s life has resonance within our innermost being, knowing the intense rapture of life. By following our passion and our bliss and by being willing to enter the "underground", we find paths that have been there all the while, waiting for each of us. The life we live becomes the life we should be living and one has the opportunity to know the fire of passion and the continuing renewal of the life within. On this wondrous path, being an artist makes me become an instrument of storytelling, spirituality, faith, seeing, knowing, exploration and celebration.

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Aditya Dev's works are imagery, individualized and spontaneous, which represent a pictorial from of language with poetic metaphors. He maintain very balanced trapeze with several roles - an emotional poet and an adventurous painter, all converge in degrees that are apparent to those who care to see beyond mere surface. The result is definitely very far away from any ones imagination. The self-taught artist sketches his characters in such a whimsical position looking perfectly mingled with each other and it emerges an array of thoughts putting a new dress-up around the characters. His infinite permutations of images bring forth a unheard sequences of emotions and delight.