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Pragati Sharma Mohanty

Santa Clara, USA
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At first glance Pragati’s works are an eye-catching blend of vibrant colors, intricate motifs, flora and fauna and human figurines. On a closer look they emerge to be thought-provoking narratives with deeper meanings and influences from cultures around the world. Pragati was born in India in 1980 and has traveled all over the world with her family. This piqued her interest and has become a life-long journey to draw inspiration from the myriad cultures and traditions. She was tagged as exceptionally creative since childhood, and went on to get a Bachelors Degree in Archit ...

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  • Mahalakshmi  by Pragati Sharma Mohanty, Painting | Mojarto


    By Pragati Sharma Mohanty
    14 X 18 Inches $ 1,680