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Mumbai, India
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It is believed that the true quest of any human being is happiness which I believe comes from a calm mind. Drawing started as a pursuit to centre myself; to find and connect with that core that leads to that peace which brings long-standing happiness. The result - complex myriad repetitive patterns coming together to form a harmonious whole, which to me is meditative in the midst of the regular day to day chaos! The organised chaos in my drawings refl ...

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2 Artworks For Sale
  • Busy Butterflies by Aarthavi, Drawing | Mojarto

    Busy Butterflies

    By Aarthavi
    11.5 X 16.5 Inches ₹ 12,320
  • Perfect & Imperfect by Aarthavi, Drawing | Mojarto

    Perfect & Imperfect

    By Aarthavi
    11.5 X 16.5 Inches ₹ 17,920