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Carpet And Rug


A carpet or rug is supposed to add a lot of beauty and also be functional and meet other requirements as and when needed. The style of having carpets in homes and offices and has sustained the test of time and evolved with it. An artistic piece can add a lot of colour, warmth and style to your home décor. In addition to being soft, carpet is warmer than hard surface flooring and has a great insulating value as well. When properly placed, a carpet or a rug can help anchor the furniture in a room and create a warm and intimate space.

We bring to you a beautiful collection of handmade and authentic designs of carpets and rugs. Classic to modern and fresh contemporary designs by Jaipur Rugs are not to be missed whereas Geometrics and Ikat prints by Imperial Knots are a treat to the eyes. View and enjoy our distinctively stylish collection of carpets and rugs and add a lot of beauty to your homes.

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