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When and where is OnArt Fair

The inaugural edition of OnArt Fair will be held virtually from 28th – 30th August 2020

Who can attend the fair?

OnArt Fair has something for everyone. Be it art collectors, designers, architects, art students, historians, galleries, artists, art historians, journalists, critics, or anyone with any interest is arts

Is there an entry ticket?

There is a entry fee for Day 1. The fair is free to attend for all on Day 2 and Day 3

Do  I need to be connected through a computer to attend the fair?

You can attend the fair online though mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet but if you are an exhibitor you will need a laptop/computer

Can I buy artworks in the fair?

Yes, you can buy artworks directly from the artist/art dealers. Just like an actual fair

Should I attend the fair even if I am not an art buyer

Yes, there is a scope of learning and lot of fun activities for all.


How can I exhibit in the fair?

You can showcase your art virtually by taking a booth at the fair

Who can take a booth?

Booth registration is open for artists, art galleries and independent art curators

What are the registration charges?

EXhibitors can choose one of the two types of booths:

(i)            Premium Booths - Comes with the facility to hold meeting with up to 8 participants simultaneously. Recommended for galleries or dealers with the capacity to manage multiple visitors at a time. Registration fee – Rs 15,000/-

(ii)           Regular Booth – Designed exclusively for one-on-one interaction with the audience. Registration fee – Rs 5,000/-

How can I register for the booth

Please check the terms and conditions on exhibitor page

Can two or more exhibitors share a booth

You can share a Premium booth. The Standard Booth is designed for single artist interaction only

What are the modes of payment?

Payment of the non-refundable application fee can only be made online via Razorpay using any international and domestic credit or debit cards.
Link to payments are present on exhibitor page

Can I cancel by booth registeration

No booth cancellations are allowed after booking


Can I sponsor a booth for an artist/art organization

Yes you can sponsor a booth for an artist/organization in need. Write to us at 

I have a art related business how can I advertise in the fair?

Please write to us at for sponsorship and advertising opportunities


How will I showcase my art in the booth. How many paintings can I display in the booth?

The booths are spaces for artists to network and interact with fair visitors. There is provision of displaying your handouts, catalogues, presentations or do screen shares with the audience to show your artworks. You can also connect your profile to an external website where your works are displayed. You can check out the functionalities here 

Is there a restriction on number of artworks showcased?

There is no limit to artwork showcased. You can showcase your artworks through catalogues, handouts and screenshares. You can list an external website where your works are showcased. 

What website links can I add to my profile?

You can add any link like your own website or Mojarto’s profile page or any other link. However Instagram pages cannot be linked


I am also listed on Mojarto. Will I have to sell via Mojarto?

There are no restrictions. You may or may not list your Mojarto profile as your website. However if you are asking the buyer to purchase via Mojarto website for any reason (international delivery or unable to collect payment), Mojarto’s sale terms will be applicable and it will be treated as a normal Mojarto sale

Will Mojarto take a comission on sale in the fair

Mojarto will take its standard seller commission only for purchases made on . 

Who will collect the payment in case of sale

The exhibitor shall need to make arrangements for collection of payments as well as delivery of work to the buyers


Will I get any promotional benefit if I take a premium booth in OnArt Fair on

All exhibitors shall be benefitted from standard overall fair promotinal activities equally. OnArt Fair is independent event that Mojarto is supporting and therefore has no linking to operational activities of Mojarto







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