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C u r a t o r s


P r a b h a k a r    K a m b l e


Prabhakar is a Mumbai based artist-curator and a cultural activist. His curatorial practice subjects notions of Equality, as he subjects social realities stemming from Existential conditionings and Ambedkarite consciousness.

Prabhakar’s practice involves curatorial projects in equal measure as does his personal practice, which is a response through personal and collective histories.

Amongst his numerous curations, ‘Working Practices’, at The Showroom, London, 2017, was a significant curation of his, which was a cross discipline large format project, in conjunction with Clarkhouse Initiative. The curation  drew from the connections between British Black Arts movement and artists whose practices concerned with Dalit politics within the Indian contemporary art.  The exhibition was generously supported by Arts Council England, Krishna Reddy Foundation, Nicoletta Fiorucci, Fluxus Art Projects, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, Foundation For Art Initiatives and the Experimenter, Kolkata.

His engagement with grassroot organisation, makes his practice ingrained within a moral fibre as a cultural activist.


R u m i   S a m a d h a n


Rumi is a curator-artist-researcher based in Mumbai. Her curatorial practice subjects the dual framework of Politics of Resources and Dalit Consciousness, through the lens of Oppressor and Oppressed.

As a part of fellowship with the Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA)2019, Khoj, Delhi, Rumi curated  ‘The Mahad Satyagraha- ‘Erasure’ as a form of assertion’. The exhibition explored the concept of ‘erasure’ as a form of assertion, centring the Mahad Satyagraha as a pivotal moment of rupture within the practice of Untouchability in India.

Humanism, as a core inquiry informs her towards her ontological perceptions of existence. Questioning what is true progress, she reimagines the socio- political-ecological engagements towards sustainabilities and Humanitarian concerns.

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