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Modern Figurative Paintings

With the evolution of abstract art in the modern art world, figurative art or figurativism is considered to be derived from any piece of art that has a strong connection directly with real object, people, animals or things. Figurative art in the general sense refers to any art form which showcases primarily human form. They can also collide with expressionism, as human portrayal also includes emotions and expressions.

Figurative art therefore includes paintings, drawings or sculptures that primarily showcase human form with expression. It can be considered as an art form that celebrated human anatomy with emotions.

Figuratives are also a leading style among the painting style in India. Indian painters have been said to be especially drawn toward figurative paintings.

Raja Ravi Varma, the father of Indian painting is said to be the pioneer in bringing figurative style in Indian painting. As there was no immediate art tradition that could inspire him, he broke new grounds and generated a proficiency in academic realism that till date is unparalleled. His sense of proportion, the rendering of the skin tones, sense of perspective, the textures and folds of the clothing, the ornaments, and the expressions of his characters all placed him on a pedestal higher than his counterparts.

The legacy of Raja Ravi Varma was carried by Indian artists in the years to come and today many Indian painters are doing figurative paintings.


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