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  • The World Of Mojarto: 2016 - What A Year!

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Jan 2017

    Since its launch in Febuary 2016, has fast become Indias leading online platform for art, prints, collectibles and jewellery. What sets it apart is ...

  • Art

    Where Sacred Texts Are Born

    By Team Mojarto / 31st Dec 2016

    Eid turns the streets of old Delhi into a joyous scene of celebration and devotion. India is home to millions of Muslim people, and during Eid, many people turn...

  • Art

    Akbar Padamsee - The Titan And His Art

    By Team Mojarto / 30th Dec 2016

    Auction season is in full swing and art prices are skyrocketing. Recently, Saffron Art - Indias largest auction house, broke records in September. Greek Landsca...

  • Art

    An Artist Residency On Migration And Memory

    By Team Mojarto / 29th Dec 2016

    Art pushes us to introspect. The Corilis Effect, show in Khoj- an Artist residency in Delhi, did just that. Sitara Chowfla, a Curator at Khoj, says that Corioli...

  • The World Of Mojarto: Some Jolly Good Reasons To Be Merry Tis' Season!

    By Team Mojarto / 24th Dec 2016

    Christmas. A time to feast, celebrate and share good cheer with all around you. But one of the best expressions of that cheer comes out in a nice gift for a lov...

  • Art

    Alex Davis: Design By Nature!

    By Team Mojarto / 22nd Dec 2016

    Alex Daviss work epitomises Modern India. His inspirations come mostly from Mother Nature and travelling. His travel on Indian roads resulted in a creation call...

  • Art

    Durga Puja: The Dhak, The Kanshor And The Dhol

    By Team Mojarto / 18th Dec 2016

    Durga Puja, the time when Bengalis all over the world celebrate the auspicious time when Goddess Durga is immersed into the river. Artisans breathe soul into sc...

  • Art

    Rabindra Patra: The power in Art

    By Team Mojarto / 17th Dec 2016

    He recalls his early days when he came to the capital of our country- Delhi. He felt the energy surge through the city. He felt it was very powerful compared to...

  • The World Of Mojarto: Art is Business

    By Team Mojarto / 17th Dec 2016

    On the face of it, the artist creates the art, a gallery puts it up and if there is sale, both make money. Well, if it were that simple were not sure it would b...

  • Art

    2 Giant Art Platforms Colliding

    By Team Mojarto / 16th Dec 2016

    The India Art Fair might see a more international presence, thanks to a new partnership with Swiss marketing giant - MCH group. Marco Fazzone, the MD for design...

  • The World Of Mojarto: Bhajju Shyam's Colorful Versions Of Folklore

    By Team Mojarto / 12th Dec 2016

    Creating Gond art, is a skill passed on from generation to generation of artists who practice this tribal art form mainly found in Madhya Pradesh. But Bhajju Sh...

  • Art

    Abhisek Basak: One Man's Trash, Is Another Man's Treasure

    By Team Mojarto / 11th Dec 2016

    Abhisek Basakis many things rolled into one a dreamer, an achiever, a wanderer and often, an explorer. But first and foremost, he is a storyteller, and an impu...


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