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  • Top 5 Trending Artists To Look Out On Mojarto This Week

    By Team Mojarto / 5th Jun 2021

    Artist Subrata Ghoshs artworks are visceral and timeless. His subjects are mainly mythical, religious and secular, expressing various shades of life. This three...

  • Artworks That Celebrate The Importance Of Family

    By Team Mojarto / 4th Jun 2021

    Family is the most important part of our life. It makes everything about who we are, both our nature and nurture, come from our family. They become our strength...

  • Ferrofluid Clock

    By Team Mojarto / 3rd Jun 2021

    Ferrofluid Clock Matt Robison | MTR Designs...

  • Works Of Art On Reminiscing About The Memories Of Childhood

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Jun 2021

    Almost every adult longs to return to their childhood. We walk down the lanes of memories very often to keep in touch with the happy times of our life. Though w...

  • Tracing The Unknown

    By Team Mojarto / 1st Jun 2021

    Kolkata-based visualiser and illustrator, Jit Chowdhury, brings our attention to lesser-known mythological characters from Indian epics through his series of dr...

  • Living Through The Malicious Nightmares Of The Lockdown

    By Team Mojarto / 31st May 2021

    One fine day (not so fine), the world woke up to a malicious nightmare of our lifetimes. Lockdown like never before hit us very hard. This lockdown affected alm...

  • Of Fire And Earth

    By  Team Mojarto / 27th May 2021

    Of fire and earth, the online exhibition organised by Dhi Artspace that is on view till the 30th of May, conjures up the contemporary ceramic art scene in the c...

  • The Art Of Contemporary Dialogue

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 25th May 2021

    Five artists Kavita Nayar, printmaker Karan Khanna, photographer Anandamoy Banerji, mixed-media artist Dipalee Daroz, sculptor working with clay and Ingrid Pit...

  • Wide Variety Of Sculptures To Decorate Your Living Spaces

    By -    Team Mojarto / 21st May 2021

    Sculpting is one of the important fine art known to man. It also holds a special place in history where archaeologists use the sculptures to decipher the lifest...

  • Sky Capers

    By Supriya Sehgal (Arts Illustrated) / 19th May 2021

    A sensory journey remembering Babu Khan, the greatest kite maker of India, and the legacy he left behind ...

  • Experience The Taste Of God’s Own Country Through These Exemplary Artworks On Kerala

    By Team Mojarto / 18th May 2021

    Kerala is often referred to as the gods own country. True to its name, Kerala is a beautiful land of paradise. The name itself brings the visual images of lush ...

  • Handing It Down

    By  Arts Illustrated / 17th May 2021

    Bishwadeep Moitras book Brigitte Singh: The Printress of the Mughal Garden is a visual biography of Brigitte and her tryst with reviving Indian textile printing...


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