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  • Taking Flight

    By Team Arts Illustrated / 30th Jun 2021

    Whirling charcoal like textures coalescing in the horizons of our minds welcome to artist Xavi Bous sky ...

  • Fine Art Prints Are The Perfect Choice To Decorate Your Rooms!

    By  Team Mojarto / 29th Jun 2021

    We all love to decorate our living spaces and art is the undoubted best choice for it. An artwork can brighten up the room and fill your home or office with spi...

  • Hunched, But Never Broken

    By  Jagriti Sharma (Arts Illustrated) / 28th Jun 2021

    Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes stronger and brighter every time, the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris continues to inspire awe even after 800 years ...

  • Sanjhi Art: The Perfect Craft Of Stencilling

    By  Team Mojarto / 25th Jun 2021

    Sanjhi art is a 16th-century craft that originated in and around Mathura, situated in todays Uttar Pradesh. Mathura is the homeland of Lord Krishna. This exquis...

  • How do I Draw Thee?

    By Meera Rajagopalan (Arts Illustrated) / 23rd Jun 2021

    Whats in a number? A lot, it would seem, especially when we are dealing with the people-pleasing number 5 in our newly launched humour column ...

  • The Close Connection Between Art And Nature

    By  Team Mojarto / 22nd Jun 2021

    An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself...

  • Down The Road Of Stories 

    By Supriya Sehgal (Arts Illustrated) / 21st Jun 2021

    Discovering Aucklands mood in graffiti with a walk down K-Road gives a colourful recap of the citys last few decades St.Kevins Arcade. Photograph by Supriya Seh...

  • Celebrating The Beauty Of Fatherhood Through Art

    By  Team Mojarto / 18th Jun 2021

    With Fathers day around the corner, Mojarto is out with a collection of some warm and emotional portrayals of fatherhood. He is our first hero and our first lov...

  • The Invisible Bias In Architectural Spaces

    By  Shabnaprarthana and Sulekha Bhansali (Arts Illustrated) / 17th Jun 2021

    Home is that place which enables and promotes varied and ever-changing perspectives, a place where one discovers new ways of seeing reality, frontiers of differ...

  • 5 New Artists To Look Out For On Mojarto This Week

    By  Team Mojarto / 16th Jun 2021

    Here are 5 new artists who are making people fall in love with their artworks. Their artworks stand out for their unique vision, idea, and technique. ...

  • An Immersive Experience

    By  Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 15th Jun 2021

    Self-taught artist and author, Manish Pushkale lives in his South Delhi home with his studio in the basement of the building. The faade faces the Chor Minar (To...

  • A Husain-Shaped Mirage In The Desert

    By By DHIRAJ SINGH / 14th Jun 2021

    THERE IS NO OTHER INDIAN ARTIST whose work has branched out in so many different directions as has M.F Husains. If artists were trees, Husain would be the Banya...


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