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  • EP - 2| Celebrating Art Legends | S H Raza

    By Team Mojarto / 11th Sep 2020

    This week we remember legendary Indian artist S H Raza in our series on #IndianArtLegends Celebrating Indian Art Legends is our ode to the masters who shaped th...

  • Art Peace offering banner image

    Peace Offering

    By By Suzanne McNeill (Arts Illustrated) / 11th Sep 2020

    Kolkatas Santi niketan has always been more than just a space of unhindered thoughts and un inhibited forms of expression and we think this unique energy plants...

  • Art On the wings of art banner image

    On The Wings Of Art

    By Team Mojarto / 10th Sep 2020

    Humans tend to pursue creative freedom to express their artistic visions with clarity and without any shackles. Art perhaps, is the last available space for the...

  • Art The rivers run red banner image

    The Rivers Run Red

    By Deeksha Bhat (Arts Illustrated) / 9th Sep 2020

    Art of any kind usually speaks volumes and as a magazine dedicated to understanding the words, we revelled in those volumes. But, ever the ones to challenge our...

  • Walking Through The City Of Joy

    By By Godhashri Srinivasan / 8th Sep 2020

    Calcutta scape: Musings of a Globetrotter by Sundeep Bhutoria explores patterns through a collection of articles and blog posts published over the years. ...

  • The Last Intifida

    By Manoj Nair (Arts Illustrated) / 7th Sep 2020

    Short Shorts is Arts Illustrateds micro-fiction series that borrows from the thousand words through which a picture speaks to create a moment of experiential ar...

  • EP - 1 | Celebrating Art Legends | M F Hussain

    By Team Mojarto / 4th Sep 2020

    Mojarto presents a video series on #IndianArtLegends every Fridays under #flashbackfriday. Celebrating Indian Art Legends is our ode to the masters who shaped t...

  • Art Building lines  one life upon the other banner image

    Building Lines, One Life Upon The Other

    By Team Mojarto / 4th Sep 2020

    We live within a maze of buildings environments that were structured, mapped and laid out on tables before they become real. These built upon environments have...

  • #40 Wabi Sabi

    By By Sruti Purkait (Arts Illustrated) / 3rd Sep 2020

    A review of the exhibition #40 Wabi Sabi that is on view at the IBASHO Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium until August 30, 2020 ...

  • Fragmented Life On View At Emami Art

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Sep 2020

    Fragmented Life, the online exhibition organised by Emami Art, that is on view till August 31, paints a picture of privilege as it unpacks the turmoil faced by ...

  • Four Positions At Experimenter Gallery

    By Team Mojarto / 1st Sep 2020

    A review of the exhibition Four Positions that is on view at the Experimenter Gallery in Kolkata till the 30th of September, 2020. ...

  • Maybe, Maybe Not: A Lockdown Pill

    By By Godhashri Srinivasan / 31st Aug 2020

    A review of the exhibition Future is Not Fixed,curated by Arjun Sawhney and jointly presented by Nature Morte and Vadehra Art Gallery ...


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