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  • Art Get enchanted with the tapestry of life in the city of joy and its enticing beauty. banner image

    Get Enchanted With The Tapestry Of Life In The City Of Joy And Its Enticing Beauty.

    By Team Mojarto / 3rd Feb 2021

    In the era of e-mails and messengers, love letters still grips the immemorial charm. This love letter is for an enchantress who beholds everyone in her charm an...

  • Art Opening doors to a million stories banner image

    Opening Doors To A Million Stories

    By Maheen Afshan (Team Mojarto) / 23rd Jan 2021

    A rectangular piece of wood is chopped and sanded until refined, coloured for a pretty face, placed vertically and hammered with bolts and screws until it serve...

  • Art Tied up  for the moment banner image

    Tied Up, For The Moment

    By By Team Ai / 22nd Jan 2021

    Polish crochet artist and performer Olek lets us into the ambiguity of her space, where the artist and the art are so intertwined with each other that to deline...

  • Art Enter the zone  banner image

    Enter The Zone

    By Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated) / 20th Jan 2021

    Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian, born in the midst of the Iranian revolution, talks about how the photograph becomes an essential voice of protest, even ...

  • Art Pop art  capturing the reality banner image

    Pop Art- Capturing The Reality

    By Team Mojarto / 16th Jan 2021

    Amid revolutions in Britain and America, the young and teenagers were in a continuous search for an expression of their rebellion. They were waiting for a cultu...

  • Art Banaras tales banner image

    Banaras Tales

    By Team Mojarto / 13th Jan 2021

    Every artwork has a story to tell similarly, every city has its own unique story for its sojourners, a blend of these two is artistically captured in the series...

  • Art The heart and soul of the country banner image

    The Heart And Soul Of The Country

    By Vimala Soundarapandiyan / 12th Jan 2021

    The soul of India lies in its tribes. Despite habitat loss and diminishing livelihoods, the tribal communities strive to preserve and practice their traditions....

  • Like an Arrow In The Blue Sky

    By Vani Sriranganayaki (Arts Illustrated) / 1st Jan 2021

    Artist James Turrells Twilight Epiphany Skyspace brings together the many nuances of architecture, time, space, light and music in a profound experience that bl...

  • Breath Taking Moments

    By Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated) / 31st Dec 2020

    Ukranian photographer Yelena Yemchuks body of work that traverses photography, painting and film-making, is a curious mix of surrealism and realism, and a revel...

  • Art Saluting front line warriors with art banner image

    Saluting Front Line Warriors With Art

    By Team Mojarto / 30th Dec 2020

    2020 has been a tough year for everyone and our Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff definitely need to be thanked for their selfless service in dealing with...

  • Art Five of the freshest pop artworks to keep the memories and realism intact banner image

    5 Fresh Pop Artworks To Keep The Memories And Realism Intact

    By Team Mojarto / 29th Dec 2020

    From pieces embracing the beautiful past to fragments of the bleak yet real present, these works accomplish more than what their genre demands them to. Purely I...

  • EP - 3 | Celebrating Art Legends | F N SOUZA

    By Team Mojarto / 28th Dec 2020

    Celebrating Indian Art Legends is our ode to the masters who shaped the Indian Art World and have inspired a whole generation of artists. This week we remeber t...


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