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  • A Must Have List For Budding Artists

    By Team Mojarto / 12th Aug 2021

    All great artists today started as beginners. They studied their tools, how to use them and put their imagination on paper. Similarly, if you aim to become an a...

  • Cracked Wide Open

    By  Moksha Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 11th Aug 2021

    Building one of the worlds largest domes was no mean task for anyone, let alone an amateur goldsmith, so how did Filippo Brunelleschi accomplish building not on...

  • Watercolour Painting For Beginners

    By Team Mojarto / 10th Aug 2021

    Water painting is one of the most satisfying and engaging activities. The brushing, the sharp strokes, the flowing colours, all makeup for an authentic picture....

  • The Building Story

    By Vani Sriranganayaki Vanamamalai / 9th Aug 2021

    For Monad Designs, the key to a good design is finding the right story one that would bring together the right client and the right space at the right time ...

  • How Do Paintings Play The Biggest Role In Design And How To Incorporate It?

    By Team Mojarto / 7th Aug 2021

    Interior Design, despite being vast, is a very delicate field. It does not just ornament your space by helping you make it cosy, intimate or even crisp to look ...

  • Create Your Zen Space With These Artworks

    By Team Mojarto / 6th Aug 2021

    Home is the place where we rush to after a hectic day at work or run about getting ready in the rushed morning hours. It is also a place where we gain a sense o...

  • Escape From The Chaos Of The World Through These paintings

    By Team Mojarto / 5th Aug 2021

    We are always seeking an escape. We always want to get out and explore, see the beauty that the world holds. Some of us are always looking for excuses to take a...

  • Of Roots And Connections

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 4th Aug 2021

    Growing up in West Bengal in a family of eminent scholars dedicated to the cause of culture, Ina Puri, quite inevitably, breathes and lives art. Her interaction...

  • Introduction To Shadow Play

    By Team Mojarto / 3rd Aug 2021

    If you remember your childhood art classes, you would realise that one of the first art exercises of the class was to draw a cube or circle and add a shadow to ...

  • The House Of Words

    By Amritha Dinesh (Arts Illustrated) / 2nd Aug 2021

    There are many things that make the Island House in Goas Divar Island irresistible, but what really grounds it are the multiple stories old and new that is ca...

  • Artworks That Induces And Spreads Positive Emotions

    By  Team Moajrto / 31st Jul 2021

    Did you know that keeping art in a particular direction or space can bring in positive vibrations? Sounds incredible, but its true! The correct choice of art ca...

  • Artworks That Captures The Beauty Of Eyes

    By Team Mojarto / 29th Jul 2021

    Artists have a unique way of portraying their ideas and thoughts. There seems to be very little to no similarities between any two artists. Every artwork is uni...


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