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  • Art Behind the layers banner image

    Behind The Layers

    By Meera Rajagopalan (Arts Illustrated) / 24th Feb 2021

    We look at the reversible nature of art and the irreversible nature of time and make much ado about the, erm, nothingness of imperfections ...

  • Art Art is all i see small banner image

    Art Is All I See

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 23rd Feb 2021

    At Dr. PradeepChowbeys four-storey house, there is art in every nook and corner. A laparoscopic surgeon by profession and Chairman of Max Institute of Minimal A...

  • Art Labourers%e2%80%99 exodus 2020  art alive gallery  new delhi banner image

    Labourers’ Exodus 2020 : Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi

    By Team Mojarto / 22nd Feb 2021

    When their legs got heavy and tired, they were determined to fly with their self-grown wings....

  • Art Into the woodwork banner image

    Into The WoodWork

    By Nupur Roopa / 17th Feb 2021

    The wooden craft of toy-making from Varanasi finds new life through Lattu as Kaushiki Agarwal reimagines them with contemporary utilitarian designs ...

  • Art Skin deep stories banner image %281%29

    Skin Deep Stories

    By PraveenaShivram (Arts Illustrated) / 16th Feb 2021

    London-based Tatiana de Stempel tells us how the politics of beauty and the politics of art are intrinsically bound together, inviting artists and viewers alike...

  • Art Artworks that suits your psyche ideologies and  isms that reflect and suit your psyche banner image

    Artworks That Suits Your Pysche: Ideologies And -Isms That Reflect And Suit Your Psyche

    By Team Mojarto / 15th Feb 2021

    In ancient Greek, the word -ismos means taking sides with. Eventually, the English suffix -ism derived from the Greek origin is often used to describe philosoph...

  • Art Onart i 2021 india's biggest online photography contest is here!! banner image

    OnArt i 2021: India's Biggest Online Photography Contest Is Here!!

    By Team Mojarto / 13th Feb 2021

    Ansel Adams once famously said that the single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. For that is where the story first takes shap...

  • Art Time travel banner image

    Time Travel

    By Siddhartha Das (Arts Illustrated) / 11th Feb 2021

    Our new travel column promises to unveil the world of art and architecture through the eye that wields a powerful lens, or maybe, it is the other way around, to...

  • Art A colonial footprint banner image

    A Colonial Footprint

    By Moksha Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 9th Feb 2021

    The dilapidated Watsons Hotel might be oscillating between restoration and neglect but remains a reluctant ode to a time gone by, and a historic significance ne...

  • Art Careful breaking and re assembling of elements cubism is beauty in fragments banner image

    Careful Breaking And Re-Assembling Of Elements: Cubism Is Beauty In Fragments

    By Team Mojarto / 8th Feb 2021

    Art is an expression, it inspires its audience and evokes emotions. If that is the case, then every artwork evokes some emotion for that matter. But this genre ...

  • Art The yellow journey and why we love it! banner image

    The Yellow Journey And Why We Yellove It!

    By Team Mojarto / 5th Feb 2021

    Lets talk Yellow. Till date, it remains one of the outstanding factors how the single colour manages to bring out the crackling emotion of happiness leading pat...

  • Art Hand held memories banner image

    Hand Held Memories

    By Arti Sandhu / 4th Feb 2021

    The concept of material memories or our ability to attach memories real or imagined to material objects is especially visceral to textiles and clothing where ...


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