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  • Bring Home The Teachings And Goodness Of Buddha Through These Artworks

    By Team Mojarto / 9th Sep 2021

    Are you looking for artworks to decorate your meditative space? Or artworks to fill your room with peace and serenity? The Buddha statues are not only the physi...

  • The Walls That Breathe

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 8th Sep 2021

    Arts Illustrateds new column takes you into the world of art collectors and connoisseurs, giving you an exclusive peak into the lives of the artworks from the o...

  • Celebrate This Ganesh Chaturthi With Artworks From Mojarto 

    By Team Mojarto / 7th Sep 2021

    Lord Ganesha is the God of joy, happiness and prosperity. He is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is widely revered as the remov...

  • Back Story

    By Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated) / 6th Sep 2021

    Anusha Yadavs Indian Memory Project is testament to the power of stories, where the image and the words that make up its memory are potent creators of our ident...

  • Here's Everything You Need To Know About Hanging Paintings In Different Decors

    By -    Team Mojarto / 4th Sep 2021

    In interior design, it is important to maintain a rhythm with the elements and pieces placed within. Often, furniture might clash with another and in other time...

  • How To Build Your Art Network Through Social Media

    By Team Mojarto / 3rd Sep 2021

    Dipping their fingers in paints and stressing their tendons to get that perfect curve while at the same time making sure that whatever they imagined is present ...

  • How To Start An Art Blog

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Sep 2021

    The thought of launching an art blog appeals to many. But not all of us have a plan laid down on how to start an art blog. Contrary to how difficult people migh...

  • Reconnecting Roots

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 1st Sep 2021

    Monolithic form taking centre stage, often using bright and multiple colours, layered with intricate patterns are some of the significant features of a typical ...

  • This Season, Decorative Your House Vintage Style

    By Team Mojarto / 31st Aug 2021

    The more people move ahead in time, the more we crave the old classics and vintage styles. While those styles may often be considered loud and tacky, it is no d...

  • The Long And Shot Of It

    By  Ravi Agarwal (Arts Illustrated) / 30th Aug 2021

    Ravi Agarwal, an artist, environmental activist, writer and curator, talks to Samar Singh Jodha, photographer and filmmaker, on what makes and unmakes the idea ...

  • An Art Lover’s Treat: Archives And Collection Of KNMA

    By Team Mojarto / 28th Aug 2021

    The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. It has made our recreation loving species fear stepping out of our homes. It has forced us to stay confined to ...

  • How To Sell Your Artwork With Mojarto

    By Team Mojarto / 27th Aug 2021

    Gone are the days when an artist has to wait to host an exhibition at a gallery and get discovered which eventually will lead her to art enthusiasts who will wa...


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