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  • Art Stories that speak in colour banner image

    Stories That Speak In Colour

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 12th Mar 2021

    In conversation with two visual artists Jayasri Burman and Rithika Merchant on myth and its endless interpretations and creative perceptions ...

  • Art Like the lotus flower that is born out of mud we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful of our life s experiences because they are what allow us to birth our most beautifu

    7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Participating In OnArt i 2021 Photography Contest

    By Team Mojarto / 11th Mar 2021

    For someone who fell in love with the first click of his/her camera present in their home, photography contests are the stage where they get to showcase their t...

  • Art Role reversals banner image

    Role Reversals

    By Daniel Connell (Arts Illustrated) / 10th Mar 2021

    The many facets and manifestations of beauty become a rich landscape in which to situate and understand art, as increasingly, the fluid spaces of gender and the...

  • Art Can't seem to find motivation here are some simple flora and fauna examples to inspire you. banner image

    Can't Seem To Find Motivation? Here Are Some Simple Flora And Fauna Examples To Inspire You.

    By Team Mojarto / 9th Mar 2021

    At times, when we pick up a paint brush to paint, we couldnt. There may be no reason or explanation behind it but we can feel our mind going blank. Even so, at ...

  • Art Decoding life  da vinci style banner image

    Decoding Life, Da Vinci Style

    By Amritha Dinesh (Arts Illustrated) / 6th Mar 2021

    That Leonardo da Vinci was a genius, we know. That he inspired and continues to inspire artist(e)s around the world, we know. But what happens when a contempora...

  • Art Paintings of daily life which give us the utmost pleasure to look at banner image

    Paintings Of Daily Life Which Give Us The utmost Pleasure To Look At

    By Team Mojarto / 5th Mar 2021

    Each day as we step out the house, we see so many things. It could be something systematic like children going to school or extremely mundane like cars, bikes a...

  • Art A shot in the dark%c2%a0 banner image

    A Shot In The Dark 

    By Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated)  / 3rd Mar 2021

    An interview with Edson Beny Dias, one of the few alternative photographers in the country, who revels in the process of creation as much as in the creation its...

  • Art Why spring is the best season and you should paint it! banner image

    Why Spring Is The Best Season And You Should Paint It!

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Mar 2021

    Dont you love spring? The chilly winds breezing over damp soil flowers of every colour at its full bloom the leaves greener than regular... I think it is safe t...

  • Art The voice of yore banner image

    The Voice Of Yore

    By Team Arts Illustrated / 1st Mar 2021

    Marko Stamatovic, art director of the photo and design studio, Stamatovic, contributing photographer to National Geographic, Serbia, and the creator of the firs...

  • Art Love sunsets here's the best way to enjoy them. banner image

    Love Sunsets? Here's The Best Way To Enjoy Them

    By Team Mojarto / 1st Mar 2021

    No matter which city you belong to, if you feel like watching a wholesome drama, then I suggest you switch off your mobile phones and turn off your computers be...

  • Art In full form banner image

    In Full Form

    By SUZANNE MCNEILL (Arts Illustrated) / 27th Feb 2021

    In Indias folk art traditions, perhaps, lies the secret to the bedrock of our definitions of feminine beauty, and that it began as an innocuous tryst with a set...

  • Art Wondering why you need a portfolio here is the perfect reason  onarti banner image

    Wondering Why You Need A Portfolio? Here Is The Perfect Reason- OnArti

    By Team Mojarto / 25th Feb 2021

    A portfolio is a carefully curated oeuvre of ones best work, which is tangible evidence of a persons skill, passion and dedication. Portfolio is a corroboration...


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