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  • Art Breaking down myths about paintings banner image

    Breaking Down Myths About Paintings

    By Team Mojarto / 30th Mar 2021

    Tell people around you that youre going to start painting and by the time their opinions end, you will have enough matter to write an encyclopaedia. ...

  • Art Still memories run deep banner image

    Still Memories Run Deep

    By Siddhartha Das (Arts Illustrated) / 29th Mar 2021

    The silence of memories and the emotions it invokes are often inextricably tied to our current state of mind, but when silence itself becomes memory, then the s...

  • Art When a woman%e2%80%99s around banner image

    When A Woman’s Around

    By Manoj Nair( Arts Illustrated) / 26th Mar 2021

    Short Shorts is Arts Illustrateds micro-fiction series that borrows from the thousand words through which a picture speaks to create a moment of experiential ar...

  • Art The basics are the boss today! so  let's head back... banner image

    The Basics Are The Boss Today! So, Let's Head Back...

    By Team Mojarto / 25th Mar 2021

    The first thing were taught in school is how to hold a pencil properly. And once we learn that, well, each of us become artists of a kind. We scribble we doodle...

  • Art Faith on wheels banner image

    Faith On Wheels

    By Siddhartha Das (Arts Illustrated) / 23rd Mar 2021

    The Rath Yatra in the temple town of Puri in Orissa can overwhelm by the sheer size and magnitude of the faith that drives it, but it also gives us a moment to ...

  • Art Street photography for your home decor banner image

    Street Photography For Your Home Decor

    By Team Mojarto / 22nd Mar 2021

    From the outside, it is a simple bed of tar and grease laid with the help of a road roller. ...

  • Art Enjoy the narration of ramayana through these paintings!! banner image

    Enjoy The Narration Of Ramayana Through These Paintings!!

    By Team Mojarto / 20th Mar 2021

    Ramayana, one of the great Indian epics, has influenced every aspect of the countrys culture and tradition. A glimpse of it is very evident and makes an importa...

  • Art Crossing the safe distance banner image

    Crossing The Safe Distance

    By Vani Sriranganayaki (Arts Illustrated) / 19th Mar 2021

    Acclaimed Mumbai-based documentary photographer, Padma Shri Sudharak Olwe unpacks his photographic journey one that speaks of ignored realities, of endless cou...

  • Art Why onart i photography contest is goat and why you should seriously participate! banner image

    Why OnArt i Photography Contest Is GOAT And Why You Should Seriously Participate!

    By Team Mojarto / 18th Mar 2021

    For me the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity said the French photographer, Henri-Cartier Bresson. ...

  • Art Tips and tricks to take care of your oil paintings bnner image

    Tips And Tricks To Take Care Of Your Oil Paintings

    By Team Mojarto / 16th Mar 2021

    Im just going to say it because its no use pretending that alls fine while working with oil paints. Oil paints are the hardest to work with. Sure, acrylics and ...

  • Art Of men  myths banner image

    Of Men &Myths

    By Guysexual Illustrated By Adwait Pawar (Arts Illustrated) / 15th Mar 2021

    For those who define the gay man based on Karan Johar movies, this out-and-proud gay mans list of myths may just be what you need to read (and maybe frame). For...

  • Art Blue paintings to brighten up your day banner image

    Blue Paintings To Brighten Up Your Day

    By Team Mojarto / 13th Mar 2021

    An attempt to define colour might leave us amazed by its relativity with light and spectrum. It is a result of reflection and emission of light and how our visu...


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