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  • Indian Paintings

    By Mojarto Team / 31st Oct 2011

    Art, in its diverse styles has been admired by thousands of people across the globe since olden times. At one time, the royalty literally had copyright of posse...

  • Art Modern abstract painting banner image

    Modern Abstract Art

    By Mojarto Team / 18th Jan 2021

    Modern abstract art paintings or sculptures do not portray a specific thing, person or place but its appearance is rather overstated and indistinct. What you se...

  • Art

    Artist of the Month - Adil Waters

    By Mojarto Team / 18th Jan 2021

    The Artist of the month for January 2008 is the ceramist and painter at the international township of Auroville in Pondicherry - Adil Writer! ...

  • My book 'Dictionary of Indian Art & Artists'

    By Pratima Sheth / 14th Jan 2008


  • Perspective of Pratima Sheth

    By Pratima Sheth / 8th Jan 2008


  • Art Art image %2812%29

    How To Preserve Oil Paintings?

    By Mojarto Team / 18th Jan 2021

    Art is an investment and like any other investment it requires a certain amount of care-taking. If you want that gorgeous,Indian oil painting to go down generat...

  • Art 390x260 %281%29

    Vijay Pichumani: Inspired By Life!

    By Team Mojarto / 2nd Dec 1916

    Team Mojarto met Vijay Pichumani to learn more about his work and his inspiration, this is what he had to say - From 8th grade I have been drawing, then did fin...

  • Dscn0239

    K R Santhanakrishnan’s Fascination With Doors

    By Tanya Singh /

    Most artists spend their entire lives trying to create a unique style for themselves, but for some there is that one object that instantly and eternally capture...

  • Mona lisa

    Siblings Of 5 Famous Paintings

    By Neera Sehgal /

    If you thought iconic painting are only duplicated in art black markets, think again! Legendary painters have also replicated their own masterpieces! Surprised?...


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