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  • Mojarto Profiles Artist - Satish Gujral

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Satish was born in Jhelum, Punjab in 1925. He resides and works now in New Delhi. Gujral went to the Mayo School of Art in Lahore and he is deaf since the time ...

  • Sakti burman

    Mojarto Profiles Artist - Sakti Burman

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Burmans rearing has a glaring impact on his art work and legends and myths added value to it like in most Bengali family circles. It is no happenstance that the...

  • Ramkinker baij

    Mojarto Profiles Artist - Ramkinkar Baij

    By Sarika Makkar / 6th Mar 2012

    Energy and exuberance are typical of Ramkinkars paintings and monumental sculptures. He has gained immense popularity in modern Indian art for ignoring conventi...

  • Rameshwar broota

    Mojarto Profiles Artist - Rameshwar Broota

    By Sarika Makkar / 6th Mar 2012

    Rameshwar Broota works and lives in New Delhi. He studied at the Delhi College of Art and graduated in 1964. He was highly motivated by nomadic manual workers, ...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Ram Kumar

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Ram Kumar was born in the year 1924, in Shimla, and is one of the most brilliant contemporary Indian artists. He obtained his Masters Degree in economics from t...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Narayan Shridhar Bendre

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Bendres paintings customized the altering fashions in European art with his Indian themes and he was one of the initial Indian modernists. Over the many years h...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Nalini Malani

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Nalini Malani is one of the most brilliant contemporary artists of India. Born in 1946, in Karachi, Pakistan, her family moved to India after the Partition of I...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Manjit Bawa

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Manjit Bawa as a youthful artist, like many of his generation, searched for a language which was both deeply entrenched in native folklore as well as was contem...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Kattingeri Krishna Hebbar

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    KK Hebbar was born in 1911 at Kattingeri in Karnataka and he died in 1996 in Mumbai. He reacted with fervor to novel artistic liberties close to the time of Ind...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist K Laxma Goud

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    K Laxma Goud was born in Nizamabad, Andhra- Pradesh and he resides and works in Hyderabad. Early in life, Goud figured that painting was his specialty therefore...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Jogen Chowdhury

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Jogen Chowdhury works and resides in Shantiniketan. The majority of his paintings are positioned against a dark setting and the figures are indistinct and sketc...

  • Mojarto Profiles Artist Bikash Bhattacharjee

    By Mojarto Team / 6th Mar 2012

    Bikash Bhattacharjee lives and works in Kolkata. His work is the combination of compassion and astounding scientific ability making it appear overstated and all...


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