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Wondering Why You Need A Portfolio? Here Is The Perfect Reason- OnArti

Team Mojarto 25th Feb 2021

A portfolio is a carefully curated oeuvre of one’s best work, which is tangible evidence of a person’s skill, passion and dedication. Portfolio is a corroboration of capabilities, which ideally provides a complete picture of the person and his/ her professional journey. Today, portfolio has become a crucial substantiation along with a resume and cover letter, which is a visual testimony to one’s prowess. Similar to the art of creating a resume, creation of a portfolio is also an art which should be mastered. In addition, a portfolio should maintain the aesthetics in choice of images to make it more vivid and stunning. 



Every creative field stands in need of a portfolio. Portfolio becomes a great help and a career boost to artists, designers, writers, models and other visual arena professionals. The pages of one’s portfolio should embellish the best works of his/her professional endeavour. The works should be diverse and distinct to stay away from the monotony of the collection. Such diversification manifests one’s versatility and exploration of new areas in the field. The collection could also include the current and past works. A portfolio can either be theme based or a random collection of one’s classics, which proves the artist's gravitas in his work. A stellar portfolio evinces the dexterity of the artist in choosing high resolution images which are strategically placed. 

Similarly, OnArt i 2021, the biggest online photography contest with different categories and themes seeks a portfolio by contestants of the ‘Portfolio’ category. Contestants registered under Portfolio Amateur and Portfolio Professional category should send in a portfolio of entries. Each portfolio may consist of 5 to 7 images in any one of the mentioned themes in one PDF format file. An image with high contrast and depth becomes more alluring and captivating. The images in the portfolio should showcase your best captures, which portrays your artistic style and ideas. Send in images that need no explanation, with a unique title and description for the submitted images. Aesthetics, contrast, white balance and depth are feats which need special attention to make your portfolio stand out. 

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