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5 Decor and Product Hacks For A Cozy Winter Home

Saiyam Khosla 12th Jan 2018

Winter can get a lot of people down. Longer nights and cold, dark days can bring about drastic changes in one's mood and patterns. Known officially as Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is a type of depression related to lack of sunshine. Also, winter months equal to lots of indoor time and a cluttered space only adds to the problem so do something about your home to get the right kind of energy. Here are our five favorite hacks to make it extra cozy for you this year:

1. Let There Be Light

One of the most obvious reasons for winter melancholy is simply the lack of daylight hours. Beat the blues with creative artificial lights at home. Think of your home as a set with not one but multiple spots to illuminate and have fun with. Use floor lamps, tea lights, candle standsceiling lamps, and fairy lights to add magical warmth to your space. Playing with different lights in the same room is like living in a fresh new room every single day. Now, who wouldn't want that?!

Diamond Pendant Ceiling Lights Ceiling Lamp By Cellar Door

Diamond Pendant Ceiling Lights By Cellar Door

2. Think Luxe

Mughal Gate Cushion Cover By Monsoon And Beyond

Mughal Gate By Monsoon And Beyond

Harsh Indian summers make it virtually impossible to enjoy regal velvets and chunky knits. This is the time to welcome that much desired velvet throw and soft, faux-fur cushions. Consider throws that also double up as blankets for that tucked-in feel during your siestas. Also, give minimalism a break and add layers to your beds and couches by adding fluffed cushions and textured fabrics.

3. Color Me Right

The Stranger By Amiya Bhattacharya

The Stranger By Amiya Bhattacharya

Do not fret if you don't have a fireplace. Adding warmer tones of red, brown, burgundy, and orange will do the trick. Replace thin curtains with thicker fabrics, add some cushions and ensure the view inside the window is much brighter than outside of it. You don't always need a roaring fire to add warmth - coloring it right could serve you just as well.

4. Accessorize Well

4 X6 Hand Knotted Classic Wool Rug Carpet and Rug By Jaipur Rugs

Hand Knotted Classic Wool Rug By Jaipur Rugs

Love them or hate them, Indian winters are not too long lasting. The cold barely peaks for a month and maybe it would be a better idea to celebrate it than complain about it. Why not turn your home into your own personal retreat for this season? Accessorize by adding some pretty pinecones and get that forest setting by adding plants. Invest in classic, woolen rugs to give it the mountain house feel. Do not forget to add a cuddlesome coffee mug to your list.

5. Scents of the Season

Cuboid Candle Holder In Antique Brass Small Candle Stand By The Lohasmith

Cuboid Candle Holder In Antique Brass Small By The Lohasmith

It is all very well to redo the walls, the flooring and the upholstery but if you really want to build the right mood you have to have the right aromas. A fragrant bowl of potpourri with warm winter scents or perfumed candles such as cinnamon, french vanilla, and jasmine can envelope you in a comfort you will find hard to let go of - you may thank us later!

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