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When ‘Claymen’ Speak Emotions

Sukriti Dubey 21st Dec 2017

Curated by ceramicist Aman Khanna, Claymen is an introspective collection of clay sculptures that find beauty in the simplicity of human emotions and existential crises. It observes the notion that “man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing among the things he produces”. Trained as a graphic artist and illustrator, Aman is not merely a ceramicist but a visual storyteller as well. As part of the Claymen collection, these miniature sculptures celebrate the common man, living at peace with his own imperfections. Have a look!  

1. Misplaced Hope

Misplaced Hope Artifact By Claymen

Misplaced Hope by Claymen

Embodying the fragility of hope, this serene figure thrives on hope. The most treacherous and precious of all our treasures, hope is the anchor. This two-piece sculpture beautifully captures and recognises the characteristics of misplaced hope to begin a journey of renewing faith. The head can be removed and the body can be used as a vase too.

2. Bowl Head

Bowl Head Artifact By Claymen

Bowl Head by Claymen

Bowl Head is a wise, generous and a kind Clayman. He decided to be semi-functional by offering himself and his bowl for any purpose. Claymen is a reflection  of Aman’s personality, his experiences, and observations, much like the work of an artist. However, what distinguishes his work is the realness of seemingly unreal figures, their relationship with our own lives and us.

3. Distressed Planters

Distressed Planter Artifact By Claymen

Distressed Planter by Claymen

Today, more than ever before, the damage we have caused to the environment is staring us in the eye. Distressed planters are apt indicators of what needs immediate attention.

4. Doubtful Clayman

Doubtfull Clayman Artifact By Claymen

Doubtfull Clayman by Claymen

Mostly uncertain of his personal beliefs, the doubtful claymen embodies a feeling we are all familiar with. Doubt is the stepping stone to belief, the cause, and effect of things that make us who we are, and hence sometimes it is important to celebrate it.

5. Clayman’s Guilt

Clayman's Guilt Artifact By Claymen

Clayman's Guilt by Claymen

Living with guilt is one of the worst feelings, therefore, Clayman's guilt comes in two pieces, the guilt part on top is detachable and can be displayed separately.

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