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Vincent Adaikalaraj: A Platform Which Has No Discrimination!

Team Mojarto 19th Jul 2017

Team Mojarto Interviewed founder of Art Houz and this is what he said - "Art Houz is our baby. In the last five years we have started this gallery in Chennai, now we have one in Bangalore, another one in Coimbatore. We basically want to cover south, promote the South Indian artists. We started a magazine associated with that, it's called ARTS ILLUSTRATED. There should be a platform for the upcoming artists so that they can showcase their creativity. They have a lot of creativity, the exposure is very high and they do a lot of work which has not been really questioned. That's why, in our gallery we give five shows to the senior artists and then we have two or three upcoming artist shows so that they can be showcased as well. Whether the sale happens or not, we give them a platform. We identify the good artists and slowly take them up.

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