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Turkey Isn’t That Far with These Décor Accessories

Sukriti Dubey 18th May 2018

No lover of bohemian and vibrant aesthetic can ever deny dreaming of walking through the frenetic markets of Istanbul or admiring the intricately crafted blue-tipped minarets and the tile work.

The design language of the Turkish design is everything regal and dazzling, evident from the walls and ceilings of the Topkapi Palace and the domes of the Blue Mosque.

The Turkish art and architecture has been an endless source of inspiration for designers and decorators, which is great for us because it means we can bring Turkey to us without having to go there any time soon (that being said, it would be a regretful feeling to never have visited Turkey when you’re old and dying!).
Have a look at these Turkish décor accessories and serve-wares.

1. Turkish Kilim

Let’s start from the base. A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. They can be used both for decoration and as a praying rug.

This carpet uses simple Turkish patterns that are perfect to bring in the warmth and in any modern home .

Imperial Knots Multicolor Handwoven Turkish Kilim

Imperial Knots Multicolor Handwoven Turkish Kilim By Imperial Knots

2. Turkish Bowl

This bowl in the classical Turkish blue colour palette with mosaic work adds the right glitz on any corner table or coffee table .

Bowl Turkish Blue Bowl By Vandeep Kalra

Bowl Turkish Blue By Vandeep Kalra

3. Turkish Tray

This stunningly beautiful art form of Turkey is a brilliant combination of ingenuity and artistry. Sitting pretty on a wooden tray, it is sure to not just add beauty to your kitchen but also help you garner compliments from one and all. This can also be used for assembling knick-knacks like coasters and candles on the coffee table.

Turkish Fervor Large Wooden Tray

Turkish Fervor Large Wooden Tray By Kolorobia

4. Turkish Fervor Table Lamp

There are many ways in which you can incorporate the beauty of the Turkish décor in your home. This affordable table lamp will make for a functional yet decorative element in any room The floral and foliage patterns are an instant mood up lifter and add the much-loved vibrancy to the space.

Turkish Fervor Table Lamp Table Lamp By Kolorobia

Turkish Fervor Table Lamp By Kolorobia

5. Decorative Plate

Decor plates are indeed a great way to bring elegance to the home interiors. This Kolorobia Crimson Turkish Decorative Plate can help inject life to any dull looking corner of the home. Turkish ceramics are also quite famous all around the world.

Turkish Fervor Decorative Plate 10" Wall Decor By Kolorobia

Turkish Fervor Decorative Plate 10" By Kolorobia

6. Turkish Clock

Whether it’s your gallery wall or the bare walls in your study, decorative clocks like this are the best way to bring in a little bit of Turkey in your personal space. The classic blue colour brings elegance to an item common to every household.

Pristine Turkish Glass Clock 16" Clock By Kolorobia

Pristine Turkish Glass Clock 16" By Kolorobia

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