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Top 20 Artworks Under Rs 20,000

We hear you! Art may be the marker of a civilization, a representation of time, it may be the single factor that can change the entire atmosphere of your space – your home, your workplace, or even your place of worship, but, buying art can be still be a daunting task. Art is often seen as an investment, but for new collectors, it may be difficult to shortlist and select the artwork you want.

The long and the short of it – If you love art, we got your back!

If budget is the only hindrace in your way from starting your art collection, then your worries end here. Right here is India’s largest selection of curated artworks, providing a young, edgy, and egalitarian way for you to reach out to artists across the country. You may be living anywhere in the world; you can still browse and collect art from the farthest village to the nearest city at the click of a button.

Here is our select top 20 artworks under 20k.


Here we go.

1. Add To My Wishlist

Happy By Sonal Varshneya

Happy by Sonal Varshneya

Created by one of the most talented and creative minds in the Indian art industry today, Sonal Varshneya’s works are about women -- visionary, independent, unafraid of breaking the status quo, and occasionally addicted to Netflix. Best part, you can buy two of her colourful edgy, etchings below 20k. It’s a steal!

2. Precious Me Time

Oriole By Vani Chawla

Oriole by Vani Chawla

Perfect to add to your study, yoga room, of balcony, Vani Chawla’s paintings have a simple serenity to them that naturally makes you calmer and your atmosphere more tranquil.

3. Not Just A Cog In The Wheel

Wheel Of Time Iii By Anita Singh

Wheel Of Time Iii by Anita Singh

The wheel is representative of progress, of teamwork and innovation. The artwork is perfect for office and corporate spaces.

4. The Bengali Babu

Couple On A Swing By Bhaskar Chitrakar

Couple On A Swing by Bhaskar Chitrakar

As the title suggests this series of Kalighat patachitras created by the brilliant Bhaskar Chitrakar is loved by many collectors! His unabashed visual satire of the Colonial Bengali babu is a crowd puller. They look best when they are showcased as a pair.

5. Owl Is Well

Untitled By Sheikh Azghar Ali

Untitled by Sheikh Azghar Ali

One of the most uniquely built birds, owls are also extremely intelligent. Did you know they barely make any sound when they fly? Gift this gorgeous Sheikh Azgar Ali painting to a friend or family who loves bird watching. You can even pair it with a beautiful Samik De artwork.

6. Made With Love

Rhythms Of Love 1 By Usha Garodia

Rhythms Of Love 1 by Usha Garodia

Yet another one of Usha Garodia’s jaw-dropping creations, this gold-glazed sculpture stands out wherever it’s placed. Made with love, this artworks is a beautiful ceramic sculpture.

7. For A Rainy Day

Rhythmic Monsoon Ride By Somnath Bothe

Rhythmic Monsoon Ride by Somnath Bothe

If you’re a hopeless romantic, here is a beautiful rain-washed street that you just cannot go wrong with. A classic Somnath Bothe painting, you can find his entire series here.

8. Wanderlust

Untitled By Subrat Kumar Behera

Untitled by Subrat Kumar Behera

Lose yourself to the limitless world of our imagination. Pair two of Subrat Kumar Behara’s artworks and notice how different people react to them. A great conversation starter!

9. Beauty And Blessings

Pichwai Painting By Unknown Artist

Pichwai Painting by Unknown Artist

Bring in the old school charm of Pichhwai paintings, originally created as part of ornamentation supposed to adorn the back of the idol. Add beauty and positive vibes to your environment.

10. Make A Wish

Single Prayer Wheel Small Red By Shweta Mansingka

Single Prayer Wheel Small Red by Shweta Mansingka

Shweta Mansingka’s Prayer wheel is a unique piece of ceramic sculpture. Hand burnished and saggar fired in a raku kiln, her ceramic prayer wheels spin to the touch and are secured on black matt wooden stand.

11. Drawing My Mind

Hidden Story By Rajdev Nayak

Hidden Story by Rajdev Nayak

Rajdev Nayak is an incredible artist who creates exciting and edgy compositions around his everyday life. Quirky and humorous, this artist brings a story to every artwork he creates.

12. You Read My Mind

Facades By Amrit Khurana

Facades by Amrit Khurana

One of our favorite artists, Amrit Khurana is in her twenties, is autistic, and is an artist who surprises us every time with her profound visual expressions. This is just one of the many artworks that force us to look at our social surroundings in a completely new light.

13. Brothers And Sisters

Siblings By Christina Chavez Banerjee

Siblings by Christina Chavez Banerjee

Christina’s latest work is a sculpture of three little birds, with the eldest looking completely away, full of attitude, the middle one following the elder with a lesser turn, and the youngest imitating the elders and pretending to look away as well. Incredibly human and powerful, Christina’s works are a joy to behold.​

14. The Young Turk

1956 – Buddha Jayanti By Niraja Bhuwal

1956 – Buddha Jayanti by Niraja Bhuwal

A fantastic new artist on the block, Niraja Bhuwal, draws her style from miniature paintings and Indian stamps. Her works have many symbols carrying different connotations, but ultimately her works hold a strong contemporary vibe.

15. A Faraway Place

Landscape2 By Jayavanth Shettigar

Landscape2 by Jayavanth Shettigar

Based out of Manipal, Jayavanth’s mixed media landscapes and portraits draw his viewers into the canvas, letting them wander into an imaginary place. Viewers often find his artworks relatable and reminiscent of old memories.

16. Color Me Red

Nature By Krishna Pulkundwar

Nature by Krishna Pulkundwar

Our favorite abstract colorist, Krishna Pulkundwar’s canvases never have a dull moment. His composition is created entirely out of a fearless play of colors on his canvas. Contrasted with muted colored wall, these abstracts are bound to stand out.

17. Folk Inspired

Home By Subhasish Das

Home by Subhasish Das

Artist Subhasish Das draws his inspiration from ordinary subjects and emotions around him. Colourful and decorative, his painting style is influenced by tribal and folk art forms. The artist says that, art is a way of life and is a celebration of the realities that are part of it.

18. Reaching Out

Bonding By Sudhir V Bagde

Bonding by Sudhir V Bagde

Sudhir Bagde’s paintings are a critical commentary on society. His artworks are a way of sharing his opinion of critical contemporary issues such as physical and social security of physical laborers working in mines and construction sites.​

19. Intertextual

Potrait 5 By Himanshu Lodwal

Potrait 5 by Himanshu Lodwal 

Himanshu Lodwal’s artworks have a youthful charm and creative fervor that is clear from the subjects and style of his paintings. Although they usually don’t express any particular issue or agenda, they have very interesting references to people, places, and symbols that makes his artworks particularly intriguing.

20. A Set Of three

Untitled By Goutam Mukherjee

Untitled by Goutam Mukherjee

Last, but far from the least, Goutam Mukhejee’s triptychs and abstracts are a visual treat. An experienced artist, his technical skill and expertise is apparent in each of his bright and vibrant artworks.​

We hope you enjoyed the list, to select from more than 13,000 artworks, visit

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    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.

  • #Trending on Mojarto
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  • #Trending on Mojarto
    in Conceptual

    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.


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