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To Cow Or Not To Cow

Twenty-three-year old photographer Sujatro Ghosh’s latest project – deliberately without a name or captions for its images – that features women from different walks of life posing with cow masks has taken the Internet by storm, especially given the politics of the times we live in where, to quote George Orwell, ‘some animals are more equal than other animals’. 

‘In a way, this idea came to me because of my previous experience with theatre and the idea of role play. And, somehow, a role play of this manner feels like it is more than art, because it wouldn’t have been made possible without the women who collaborated with me and believed in the cause,’ he says, and then adds, ‘When I started off, I didn’t really have anything concrete in mind, except the issues I wanted to talk about. Think about it. If you go through this picture by picture – and if you really see it from a photographic sense, then there is a picture of a girl in a boat, sitting just like a “man”. It is, somehow, a very bad photograph, a bad portrait.

But it probably makes you think that when a man can sit like that, then why can’t a woman? Aesthetically speaking, that picture may be the worst of the lot. But it is intentional to show society that this is what is wrong. And this is what needs to change.’

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