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Tiny Hands On Bigger Picture- The Colourful World Of Child Art

Namrata Dutta 10th Jul 2018

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”- Pablo Picasso

How can we ever forget the joy of scribbling all over the walls of our home and creating our very own masterpieces? Art has been an important part of every child’s childhood. It is one of the simplest sensory pleasures that help a child develop mentally, socially and emotionally.

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination. It paves the creative road for many young kids. Many children at a very young age start communicating through art. They love art because it’s fun and provides them with authentic self-expression.

Friedrich Froebel, the father of kindergarten, believed that young children should be involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others. Traditionally art has been seen as a leisure activity. With the passage of time, art has proved to be valuable in a child’s overall development. It is a delightful way in which one can record a child’s growth.

Apart from maths and science, art helps in the development of various skills. In today’s world, innovation is highly valued. Creating art allows children to develop their sense of innovation by letting them to express freely. It also boosts visual learning along with language development. The experience of making choices and decisions in choosing colours and platforms later helps a child develop stronger decision-making skills.

With the advent of time art has also come to be used as therapy for children on autism spectrum.  People with autism are often high visual thinkers. Art helps such children express their thoughts which they’re unable to do through verbal communications and also helps them on their social skills.

Honestly, art comes naturally to one. It is one of the purest forms of communication and storytelling. Here are some of the child art prodigies from across the world who learnt to art before talk.

1. Shorya Mahanot

Artwork by Shorya Mahanot

Artwork by Shorya Mahanot. Image source:

Known as India’s ‘Child Picasso’, Shorya Mahanot is the youngest abstract artist from India. Started painting from the age of 4, Shorya found peculiar interest in abstract painting, which led him to become one of the youngest artist in the world.

2. Aelita Andre

Artwork by Aelita Andre. Image source:

The “pee-wee Picasso” is a wonder on her own. Aelita Andre held her first abstract art exhibition at 22 months old.

3. Wang Yanni

Wang Yani

Image source:

Painting monkeys and cats (her favourite subjects), Chinese art prodigy Wang Yani’s painting “Kitty” was showcased at Smithsonian Institute at the age of three.

4. Advait Kolarkar


Image source:

Indian-origin resident of Canada, Advait Kolarkar art tells plethora stories that spring from his vivid imagination. With a solo show in Canada, which was sold out, Advait drew a lot of attention.
If your child has an inclination towards arts let them pick up their brush and paint a world of their own!

Art has always been one of the strongest forms of expression. India has had art as part of our heritage over centuries in the form of visual and performance arts. Recently, art has also been used as a medium to express the gravity of various relevant topics of today. Keeping this idea at the center,  Faber-Castell and NDTV have come together for the initiative Art with Purpose 2018 to encourage young minds to express their views on socially and environmentally relevant topics. Let your child paint their message to the Indian soldiers and submit on


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