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Time Travel With Vintage Art From Across India

Team Mojarto 26th Feb 2020

Vintage art exhibits the best of certain qualities of a time period or era.  It brings back the nostalgia of the era and also acts as a method of documentation. Here’s a look at the fine selection of vintage art.  
1. Watching the clock!

Chasing The Time 09 By Mithu Biswas

Chasing The Time 09 By Mithu Biswas 

Showing a series of clocks with a rustic look, this aptly titled work, “Chasing The Time” by Mithu Biswas is a reflection of our times, where time has become an obsession. Modern life barely allows time to I think, every moment of our life is aligned with time. The artist adds, “I try to read the nature of the time and its direction so life will be easy. I’ve been painting because I believe in time which is based on the past, present and future and shows different perspectives in our life cycle.”

2. Driving into the past

Vintage Car [Nostalgia Series] By Dipto Narayan Chattopadhyay

Vintage Car [Nostalgia Series] By Dipto Narayan Chattopadhyay

Vintage lovers can never stay far away from vintage cars. Artist Dipto has an abiding passion for them. To him, these are not lifeless entities but personified varied situations and environment. He is an expert in mixed media and his signature style, “Dipto’s technique” which adds a third dimension to two-dimensional art by creating a relief on surface, like brick work is what makes him so well-known. This work has a rustic feel and the car attains character by means of the colours selected and strokes.
3.Music of time

Nostalgia By Gautam Mukherjee

Nostalgia By Gautam Mukherjee 

This throwback image of a family probably in the early 1900’s shows a family listening to a record. The beautifully patterned doors and the chequered floors are a reminiscent of an era gone by where time was not so scarce and families had plenty of time to spend in each other’s company. This colourful expressionist work is an acrylic on canvas that takes us back in time, creating in us a longing to return to the good old days and live life at an unhurried space. Where people and moments were savoured.

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