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The Sensory Experience : (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance)

Akaash Mehta 21st May 2018

Currently, more often than not, outdoor art exhibitions with public sculptures and installations are created for a space with the construct in mind and vice versa – the space has been built with the idea of exhibiting.

Installation by ABARI

Installation by ABARI at (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance)

In this exhibition we have taken existing structures & works and manipulated them to acclimate with each other as they already exist. This idea is essential to the concept of art, architecture & design, growing, evolving, corresponding and interrelating together. We have very few real opportunities to work with raw spaces that can be wrought into whatever our imaginations can dream. Tying together these elements into physical developmental progression relies on assimilating urban and rural into a society which functions as a sum of both technology and nature. We have to find ways to adapt to the circumstances we are provided with, not those for which we wish.

Desire Machine Collective

Video Installation by Desire Machine Collective at (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance)

Partner a land developer (DLF) with an online art sales portal (Mojarto) – the tangible meeting the virtual - bridged by a curator and two emerging art collectives (both finalists as the Art Spectrum Awards: South Asia 2017 – part of the Serendipity Arts Festival), all working together for the very first time. The innate challenges of bringing all these entities together in itself will manifest dynamically in the presentation of the show. Every little detail, from the macro of the works themselves and the theme, to the micro in how best to showcase them and what accessories to use, has been scrutinised so as to integrate with each other while preserving the conservation of energy in the system.

Lama Tashi

Lama Tashi at (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance)

The end result is a juxtaposition of nature vs. industrialised, tranquil vs. bustling, organic vs. synthetic, spiritual vs. tangible, where each are coupled with their necessity to coexist and explored in a sensory dynamic exhibition experience. Horizon Plaza was created with one purpose in mind and now we are asking its visitors to disrupt that every day purpose with a new perception that challenges our conscious and subconscious, habitual, self-awareness.

Tara Roy

Tara Roy, Managing Director, Mojarto at (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance)

(The exhibition (Dis)Orientation and Dis(Sonance) is a collaborative exhibition of ABARI and Desire Machine Collective brought together by Mojarto, Serendipity Arts Festival and DLF and on view in the outdoors at One Horizon Centre, Gurugram)

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