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Taking Flight

Whirling charcoal like textures coalescing in the horizons of our minds – welcome to artist Xavi Bou’s sky

Meshing his photographic technique with science and art, Xavi Bou’s series ‘Ornitographies’ gives us a stop-motion lens to observe the movement of birds, ‘to visualise the beauty of nature’, to revel in its lines and patterns, ‘even in the centre of big cities’. 

‘The idea came to me when I saw the trail of some wild animal on the ground, and I thought about what kind of trail do birds leave in the sky? I thought it would be interesting to make them visible and the organic structures that came out were surprising, because every bird has a characteristic morphology and flight. And now, more than ever, looking out the window and seeing the flight of the birds becomes something liberating for our soul.’

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