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Taking Ceramic Art Beyond Pots And Pans

Darshana Shukul 13th Oct 2017

Think ceramics and all that comes to mind are pots, pans and tableware. It’s time to think beyond this banal perspective. Like any other artistic medium of expression, ceramic as an art form that took a long time to gain acceptance from galleries and museums in India. Today, ceramic artists are redefining this niche form of Art with their groundbreaking works.

It indeed is a tough path to tread while selecting ceramic as the medium to express one's creativity. There aren’t many proper ceramic courses or Art schools in the country, so ceramic artists have managed to keep the flame burning for this style purely with their perseverance.

Sounding Clay By Dipalee Daroz

Sounding Clay by Dipalee Daroz

But in last 10 years, things started to look good for potters. Ceramic art is slowing inching its way as a fine art and getting its due recognition. Organisations like the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP) based in Puducherry have worked hard to keep this tradition alive. A lot of credit goes to the artist duo Ray Meeker and his wife Deobrah Smith, who has paved a new way for pottery and clay. They started GBP to inspire, motivate and guide ceramic artists and potters. They have given ceramic art a powerful artistic movement. No wonder today they are regarded as country’s most distinguished ceramic artists.

Today Indian ceramic artists are pushing the envelope and coming up with innovative ways of presenting their works. Like well-known artist Vinod Daroz who would often frame his delicate work which would resemble a 2D painting. He has recently moved on to sculptural pottery, taking inspiration from South Indian temple murals and transforming them into minimalist sculptures. These are then glazed in pure 14-carat gold.

You Are To Keep This Water In Your Home Instructed My Mother Association Of A Homeland 2005 By Trupti Patel

You Are To Keep This Water In Your Home Instructed My Mother Association Of A Homeland 2005 by Trupti Patel

Vadodara based artist Trupti Patel has also been instrumental in getting ceramic art its due recognition in contemporary times. It was her persistent effort that Lalit Kala Akademi showcased her sculptures made from clay in the National Exhibition, which wasn’t allowed earlier as rule of  not accepting sculptures made using clay or terracotta

Sea Bed By P R Daroz

Sea Bed by P R Daroz

Dipalee Daroz, P R Daroz and Kristine Michael are few popular artists who are infusing new life to clay and glazing its place in the art world. 

Symbiosis With Nature Wall Plaque By Kristine Michael

Symbiosis With Nature Wall Plaque by Kristine Michael

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