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So Far So Good

A review of the exhibition ‘So Far So Good’ that is being held from October 12 to November 30, 2019 Gallery Sumukha in Bengaluru.

George Martin P.J, Detonating Cultural Borders, Acrylic on canvas, 78” x 120”, 2019. All Images Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru.

Bringing to mind the absurdity of the Pop Art movement and the subversion of societal norms through art, George Martin P.J.’s vision elevates the eclectic choice of palette to a more refined sense of aesthetic and concept in the show So Far So Good at Gallery Sumukha. 

Each piece is remarkable in that, it may use a similar variation of colour but then translates in myriad ways. We are subjected with a certain brute force to a visually charged kaleidoscope that questions our place at that moment and the fragmentation of the self.  It is easy to lose yourself amongst the colourful spaces, but it is only later that we realise how loaded the slight nuances are. In contrast, the sculptures of the artist are quite humorous in nature and call to mind a Dadaist approach to the problem of identity and existence. The artist poses in a few different stances, each more enigmatic than the last, giving away nothing of the masked mystery of his choice of expression. 

George Martin P.J, A Garden of Earthly Delights, Acrylic on canvas,78” x 120”, 2019.All Images Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru.

Also set to be part of the 2020 edition of the India Art Fair, Martin’s So Far So Good ‘delves into understanding the everyday life and relationships with realities,’ quoted the IAF website. ‘He uses visuals which have originally had different points of origin and meanings; and then by being part of his works, their meaning only elevates through the creative process. The intention for doing this is to question the absurdity of life and our ways of understanding them and create a clear demarcation between our interpretations of living which is often distorted from reality.’

 Interactive and incredibly bold, So Far So Good offers unmistakable references to our lives and what we observe, which are somehow transformed into a strange, jarring reminder of the eeriness of our existence. ‘In this body of works, we can see a narrative which represents the distorted, mundane realities which are juxtaposed with bits and pieces of humour and satire. There is a conversation happening here through the images, illusions, forms, colour, flatness, symbolisms, pastiche and a vivid visual texture. The artworks, each in their own distinct raised platforms, are trying to narrate their happiness and trauma at the same time to the prospective audiences in their own subtle ways,’ said the gallery spokesperson.

George Martin P.J, So Far So Good - III, Bronze, Chrome, Wood & Plexiglass, size variable, 2019. All Images Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru.

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