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Say It With Art! 10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We all try to find that perfect gift for our beloved mothers! But it can be a daunting task. Why limit yourself to the usual when you can gift her painting or a sculpture that will last for decades. Make a statement, and find that perfect gift for your perfect mom. Help her start her art collection here. Take a look at our top 10 selected artworks that we think are worth the effort!

1. If you’re a seasoned collector and want to gift your mother a famous name but don’t want to spend a fortune, we have the perfect artwork for you. Collectors across the world choose master Hyderabad artist Thota Vaikuntham for his bright paintings that depict his village people and life. This mother and child limited edition serigraph allows you to gift your mother the perfect painting for her to keep and cherish.

Mother And Child by Thota Vaikuntam, Traditional Serigraph, Serigraph on Paper, Brown color

Mother And Child by Thota Vaikuntam

2. Gift your mother an artwork that she can showcase in her living room and fill up the large empty wall. Bright, expressive, classy and of course, with a little touch of your love for her, Dattatraya Thombare’s acrylic on canvas is a collector’s dream. The perfect size for a living room or a large bedroom, this artwork pulls at the heartstrings and also adds a touch of warmth and glow in the space where it’s showcased.

Mother With Children by Dattatraya Thombare, Expressionism Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Brown color

Mother With Children by Dattatraya Thombare

3. Why limit yourself to paintings, think outside the box for your mum. Sculptures can be a unique gift to your mother. A sculpture can last for generations and keep the memory of your beautiful relationship alive for years. Imagine while the world gifts chocolates and flowers, you can pay homage to that one person who has loved you no matter what. The gentle curve of the sculpture and the minimalist style shows Gurmeet Goldie’s expert technique.

Love by Gurmeet Goldie, Art Deco Sculpture | 3D, Bronze, Gray color

Love by Gurmeet Goldie

4. This beautiful artwork based in a rural set up shows that a mother’s love is unconditional. Irrespective of one’s background, social, economic or racial difference, a mother’s love is universal. An acrylic on canvas painting, the bright colours along with the captivating and lively eyes of the figures in the painting makes it a perfect gift for your mother that will instantly melt her heart. Nagesh Ghodke’s own experiences and decades of art practice allow him to bring his 2D characters to life.

Mother and Daughter IV by Nagesh Ghodke, Expressionism Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Brown color

Mother and Daughter IV by Nagesh Ghodke

5. Every aspect of this painting exudes warmth and love. If you look closely, you can almost feel the comfort and safety the child feels resting his little head on his mother’s shoulder. For children perhaps feeling protected and loved are the two most important things. What better way to show your love to your mother than this bright and beautiful oil on cloth painting by Animesh Roy.

माँ और शिशु (Ma & Child) by Animesh Roy, Impressionism Painting, Oil on Linen, Pink color

माँ और शिशु (Ma & Child) by Animesh Roy

6. Ethnic in its rendition and contemporary in its stylization, Manjari Goenka expertly reveals the closeness in a mother and child relationship. The gentle, relaxed posture of the two figures resting on each other is a perfect representation of the unconditional love showered by a mother for her child. Made from bronze, this sculpture is elegant and attractive, perfect choice as a gift. The artist is Bombay based and has a growing number of collectors across the globe.

Love Forever by Manjari Goenka, Art Deco, Decorative Sculpture | 3D, Bronze, White color

Love Forever by Manjari Goenka

7. Visually stunning, this painting is a simple retelling of the many unsaid things that our mothers do for us long after we may have left our homes or even country. Within each of us there will always be a little bit of our mothers. Many of us turn to them and realize their value when we are older. The tremendous simplicity with which Babli Keshri is able to show the bond of a mother and child is perhaps from her study of Kalighat Pat, a traditional folk art of Bengal.

Mother & Child by Babli Keshri, Decorative Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Green color

Mother & Child by Babli Keshri

8. Gautam Mukherjii is a senior artist whose works are heavily influenced by the lives and people of old Colonial Bengal. This national award winning artist’s rendition of female Bengali matriarchs in a domestic setup is nostalgic, attractive and is every collector’s dream, especially if they have roots in Bengal. The artist’s detailed and stylized iconography of the figures such as the hand fan, the big eyes, thick long hair, puffed blouse and ethnic jewelry among others is what makes his works relatable. Each one of his artworks has a story to tell.

Chaarulata by Gautam Mukherjii, Traditional Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Cyan color

Chaarulata by Gautam Mukherjii

9. You’re thinking what the best mother’s day gifts are. Your mum is unique and has an excellent taste in artistic elements, and knows the latest trends in the art world. Then you need something that is extraordinary just like her. Watch her eyes glow as she unwraps an acrylic on canvas painting that contemporizes a Raja Ravi Varma painting into a visually aesthetic piece of pop art. Leave it to Jayesh Sachdev, who has immersed himself in making Raja Ravi Varma contemporary.

Mother and Child (Raja Ravi Verma Re-Invented in Pop) by Jayesh Sachdev, Pop Art Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Brown color

Mother and Child (Raja Ravi Verma Re-Invented in Pop) by Jayesh Sachdev

10. Creative, spiritual and dabbling in the real and unreal, this exception mixed media on canvas shows that the grace, teaching and love of a mother for her children are omnipresent. Even when she’s not around she’s there for you. In the paintings, a little girl joins a puzzle together with her mother. This can be a perfect and thoughtful gift for your mother.

...By Her Grace by Manoj J. Paturkar, Surrealism Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas, Brown color

By Her Grace by Manoj J. Paturkar

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  • #Trending on Mojarto
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    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.

  • #Trending on Mojarto
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    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.

  • #Trending on Mojarto
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    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.

  • #Trending on Mojarto
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    Inspired by nature and endless colours we find in this world.


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