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Painted Rhythm : Ringing In Divinity With Bells

Team Mojarto 9th Mar 2020

Bells are objects that are significant across societies and cultures. They have been associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness. The ringing of the bell is believed to help the mind focus and is also considered auspicious. So, why not bring in these divine vibrations with a painting of a bell that, despite being frozen in time, carries with it centuries of movement, of sound and hope?

1. In sweet surrender

Sounds Of Divinity Iii By Anukta M Ghosh

Sounds Of Divinity Iii By Anukta M Ghosh

This beautiful acrylic on canvas is an expressionist piece featuring a multitude of bells has been inspired by the bells of the Gorakhal temple in Nainital district that has over 1 lakh bells. The dynamism of these bells is evoked through the judicious strokes of the spatula. The work is so rich in image that the viewer can not only view but hear the bells ringing!

2. Old-world sound

Untitled By Praveen Upadhye

Untitled By Praveen Upadhye

This beautiful serigraph on acid-free paper has a temple priest ringing the temple bell; the predominantly rust, brown and ochre tones strikingly contrasted against the white wall and clothes. An air of piety and devotion fills the air. The century-old practice of the auspicious sound of ringing bells is immortalised in this work of art

3. Energising the atmosphere

Aradhana 23 By Anil Kumar Yadav

Aradhana 23 By Anil Kumar Yadav 

Anil Kumar Yadav wakes up our dormant senses with the beauty of brass bells used in worship, his resplendent detailing is what makes them feel so real. They are set against a flash of brilliant blue and decorated with a red cloth. One can feel the positive vibration the bells bring as the canvas resonates with energy evoked by the rich hues and masterful strokes.  


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