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Picture Of Return

Niraj Gera 26th Nov 2020

Delhi-based photographer Niraj Gera’s 2017 exhibition titled ‘Sacred Transformations’ chronicles the journey of acid attack survivors through images

Delhi-based photographer Niraj Gera’s recent exhibition titled Sacred Transformations chronicles the journey of acid attack survivors through images that don’t just tell you stories that remained but of powerful narratives yet to come, redefining our perceptions of beauty that is seldom, if ever, skin deep. ‘I have always believed that the notion of outward beauty is built upon societal conditioning. Beauty cannot be limited to colour or structure.

14 – Niraj Gera, Longing for the Past.

Niraj Gera, Longing for the Past.

We need to realise and appreciate things with all its so called “imperfections”, because that is what makes it perfect. For me, outwardly beauty has always been relative, based on self-constructed standards. We don’t realise that these standards themselves are superfluous and ever-changing. I have always believed, as clichéd as it sounds, that it is inner beauty that is most important. It never fades.

Niraj Gera, Untainted Love

Niraj Gera, Untainted Love

Nobody can take that away from you. A beautiful mind manifests itself into the outer world.

39 – Niraj Gera, Make a Wish

Niraj Gera, Make a Wish

Working with these women has not changed my perception of beauty at all, but surely it has strengthened my stand manifold.’ 

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