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Personalize Your Workspace With Stylish Accessories For Less Than Rs 1000

Sukriti Dubey 25th Aug 2017

We spend 40 or more hours per week in the office, a place where we are most productive and a place which brings down your energy levels with just its dullness! For most of us, our office space is like any other with clean white walls, brown wood desksand a computer. Researches show that a personalized, organized and creative workspace gets your creative juices flowing like nothing else, whereas a dull workspace brings down your energy levels and adds onto your stress. Whether you work in a corporate office or a creative one, you can easily make your desk or cubicle look a lot more interesting and inviting. Check out these 7 amazing products that will help you achieve the look you want for less than Rs1000. Jazz up your drab cubicle because work should never be boring!

1. Elephant Mousepad

Elephant Series Babu Xavier Mousepad

Elephant Series Babu Xavier Mousepad By Indian Colours

A beautiful and vibrant mousepad like this adds small but effective touches to the space. Switch your basic black ones for something that brightens up your mood just by looking at it. You’ll notice that small changes like this reap great benefits.

2. Turkish Coffee Mug

Pristine Turkish Coffee Mug

Pristine Turkish Coffee Mug By Kolorobia

Coffee or tea is the ultimate savior at work, so why have it in such a dull paper cup? Cherish your little coffee moments in the office by taking a few minutes to relax and refresh with this beautiful and artistic coffee mug.

3. Mughal Journal

Ornate Mughal A5 Journal

Ornate Mughal A5 Journal By Kolorobia

A beautiful notebook gets more work done. If it feels like a task to even take out your notebook to check out your to-do list for the day, let alone write in it, it’s time to replace it with something that gets you going, something that’s inviting. Even as kids, writing in a dull notebook was never as fun as taking notes in gorgeous little journals and diaries. And this also gives you space to quickly blurt out on paper what’s stressing you out at work, just saying!

4. Pinboard + whiteboard

Ivei Pinboard + Whiteboard, Combination Board Elephant Blue

Ivei Pinboard + Whiteboard, Combination By I Value Every Idea

Time to get a little organized! Having your desk organized is crucial for getting things done and done well. This board not only lets you achieve that but does that with an element of fun. The cool colors and the cute elephant will enhance the look of your desk and help you cross off things from the to-do list quickly.

5. Cushion Cover

Ikka Dukka Hand Blocked Green Cushion Cover

Ikka Dukka Hand Blocked Green Cushion Cover By Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Some compromises you should never make, like a comfortable seating. At home or at work, always try to make your seating area comfortable. Throw in a cushion and say bye-bye to the long-long hours of sitting and trying to fix your backache. This one can be a bit out there if you are in a corporate office but for the creative office, works just fine.

6. Mughal Coasters

Ornate Mughal Wooden Coasters

Ornate Mughal Wooden Coasters By Kolorobia

You may have ignored the importance of this until now but you can’t deny that the water/coffee rings on your table are really unattractive. Treat the desk as your own space and invest in things that maintain and enhance its beauty and cleanliness.

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