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OnArt i 2021: India's Biggest Online Photography Contest Is Here!!

Team Mojarto 13th Feb 2021

Ansel Adams once famously said that ‘the single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it’. For that is where the story first takes shape, in the eye of the photographer. Keeping up the tradition of bringing art closer to people, Mojarto is proud to announce OnArt i 2021, India’s biggest online photography contest, a platform exclusively for photographers to showcase their talents. It is a unique opportunity for anyone passionate about photography. OnArt i, with a play on the word ‘eye’, seeks to celebrate that instinct that essentially becomes the mirror through which we get to see the world around us in an entirely new way.

From larger-than-life satellite imagery to the ground-breaking discoveries made under the microscope, images have well and truly embedded themselves into every aspect of life. Just in the last few months, with the pandemic distancing us all, images and by extension photography became the mediums that connected us all – celebrating life even when we couldn’t reach out in person and helping us realize the trials and troubles of those less fortunate. OnArt i endeavours to honour this multifaceted medium and all its practitioners.

OnArt i 2021, launched on January 28, 2021, offers four different categories to accommodate professionals, amateur and photo enthusiasts. The four categories are Mobile photography, Portfolio amateur, Portfolio Professional and Digital masters, where each category has its own set of themes. The theme embraces a wide range of topics including environment, 2020, emotion among others.
OnArt i is the juncture for both recognition and cash prizes. All shortlisted participants of OnArt i will receive certificates. But apart from that, the contestants get the chance to win cash prizes worth Rs. 7 Lakh. 

OnArt i 2021: India's Biggest Online Photography Contest 

The platform also provides an opportunity to hone the skills of the participants by exchange of knowledge through talks, panel discussion sessions. Along with cash prizes and recognition the entrants can attend interaction sessions on the very nature of photography, its significance and influence in art and the many nuances embedded in image assimilation. The interaction session will be conducted by professionals and experts in photography from across the globe. Additionally, the top 100 candidates in the category will get to attend specially curated workshops by leading experts in the field of photography.

The panel of judges includes eminent photographers, moderators and connoisseurs in the field of photography, like renowned fine arts photographer Max Kandhola; the in-demand speaker and moderator Anne Proctor; professional photographers Aditya Arya, Dinesh Khanna and G Venket Ram; and Samar Jodha, the photographer artist among others. The panel is a consortium of knowledge, experience and expertise in photography. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; Mojarto is always committed to recognising talents. In the world of photography, all that is required to showcase passion is a platform to exhibit one's talents and OnArt i 2021, is the biggest opportunity to capture your dream and exhibit it to the world. The registration is a simple two-step process, where the contestant needs to register and send in the entries in the prescribed format. Grab this opportunity to showcase your talent and passion and make the first step in your photography expedition.

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