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OFFLAND: An Ideal Place, At Least

A review of the exhibition ‘OFFLAND: An Ideal Place, At Least’ that was held from July 6 to July 23, 2019 at the Galileo Culture Centre in Madrid.

© Yorgos Yatromanolakis

For the first time, the Galileo Culture Centre was chosen as one of the venues of the Official Section of PHotoESPAÑA that showcased recent developments in the space of contemporary European photography. OFFLAND is the first of the three exhibitions from the Transeurope project (an outcome of PHotoESPAÑA’s international collaborative projects) that will be shown in 2019. It brings together a selection of portfolios made in Athens, Helsinki and Madrid in 2018. This initiative was launched with the goal of encouraging mobility, exchange and visibility among artists in Scandinavia, the eastern and western Mediterranean and the Balkans through workshops, portfolio displays and a range of professional activities.

© Suzanne Mooney

Curated by Sema D’Acosta, OFFLAND journeys to each author’s most personal physical and emotional spaces as they capture landscapes far from our comforting realities. ‘It is essential for human beings to find a place, even if it’s imaginary, where reality meets their expectations, where they can get away and find a refuge that allows them to identify with what they yearn for,’ said D’Acosta. Humans have always crossed spaces in forms of reality as well as imagination in search of what is beyond the world we perceive to be known; from navigating the seas under the Northern star and the wandering albatross to the mighty galactic space that continues to form new worlds. Using photography as their medium of exploring the real and unreal places, the 31 artists who are a part of this project seem unafraid of this unending quest of making disparate worlds meet. 

© Erini Vourlamis

Offland was also made possible thanks to the help of the European Union via the Creative Europe programme. Other Transeurope partners also include The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki), Museum of Latvian Photography (Riga), Museu Coleção Berardo (Portugal), Centrum för Fotografi (Stockholm) and Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia (Milan), among others.

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